SMACKDOWN: Meghan McCain Tells Joy Behar to Shut Up and Listen (Video)

Meeeeeyoowww! Things got rather chippy this morning on The View between hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar. The topic was immigration, following Kirstjen Nielsen’s somewhat abrupt departure Sunday. McCain shared her thoughts on the issue and noted:


“This is a hard-line issue for people who live in border states,” McCain said regarding the immigration debate. “[For] many friends of mine, this is the number one and only issue.”

After which, Behar chimed in with this bright idea:

“Keep them there happy….Give them a house, give them food, help them, help their children — ”

I can’t say I blame McCain for jumping in with, “Give a Nicaraguan a house? Well, we’ve had a bunch of liberal guests who do not want to send in aid at all — ” (Sure! Great! Everyone gets a house!)

But Behar didn’t like being interrupted. “Hold on, I’ve listened to you, just let me finish,” she insisted.

That’s when the fur really started to fly. McCain cut her off with, “Yeah, well, part of your job is to listen to me … I’m just saying.”

I share this guy’s sentiments:


Whoopi Goldberg jumped in at that point to try and settle things down.  She reminded everyone to play nice and ceded the floor back to Behar to finish what she was saying.  Behar, apparently, was so frazzled by the exchange, “I forgot what it was now.”


The only time I actually watch “The View” is when a clip of it is considered newsworthy — and even then, not always. But I must confess, I’m a little curious to see how things are tomorrow between Behar and McCain.

Watch the full video here:





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