You Say Covfefe, I Say Covfafa...

Well, no. No, I don’t. I can honestly say I’ve never said “covfefe” — nor “covfafa” — before. That could change here, though, because POTUS has gifted us with a new term:



In an age where tweets set off firestorms on an hourly basis, this one was no exception.  There was speculation as to the proper pronunciation of the term:

Some voiced concern:

(It’s okay, Frank – the tweet is now down. Though, it will, of course, live in our hearts forever.)

While others had great fun with it:

The term has even found its way into the Urban Dictionary already:



But I think Jon Gabriel summed it up best:

Can hardly wait to see what POTUS tweets next! Well, kind of….

UPDATE: The tweet is deleted, and we have a new tweet.

Editor’s note: Twitter is claiming he’s trying to pretend he was in on it all along. But if you ask me, it just looks like he’s trying to joke it off. Like whoops, typo, ha ha covfefe. Shrug. – Caleb.


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