Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 129: The 'Biden Experiment, Top Gun, and Depp Decision' Edition

The experiment in letting a guy run the country who is massively compromised by his family and foreign business connections, as well as a known prevaricator and all-around unpleasant bore, has already played out as a pretty bad idea only two years in. But if one can count on anything from the left, it’s their bad ideas.


President Biden spent the last couple of weeks lying about the economy, threatening schools that didn’t align with progressive transgender ideology, and generally making a mockery of the 2nd Amendment.

Here’s David Harsanyi debunking Biden on 2A and correcting Biden’s misstatements on the Heller decision.

Biden quoted Justice Scalia’s majority opinion in Heller, saying, “It was Justice Scalia who wrote, and I quote: ‘Like most rights, the right Second Amendment — the rights granted by the Second Amendment are not unlimited.’ Not unlimited. It never has been.” (Thankfully, he spared us his historically illiterate diatribes on cannons, “deer in Kevlar,” and “yelling fire in a crowded theater.”)

Democrats habitually isolate this line from Heller, a decision they simultaneously contend catastrophically concocted an individual right to firearm ownership. But Scalia’s line, read in context of the decision’s finding that the Second Amendment protects a right to possess a firearm unconnected from militia service, only upholds the legality of states limiting “dangerous and unusual weapons,” not weapons “in common use” by “law-abiding citizens.” The AR-15, and similar rifles, easily meet the latter criteria.

Now there’s this strange new poll — you can decide for yourselves if you think it has any worth (I’m skeptical) — that DeSantis is behind VP Kamala Harris as a preferred top of the ticket candidate for 2024. Is this meant to suggest that Democrats are also noticing their Biden experiment is a failure?


Another national survey suggests Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a viable presidential candidate in 2024, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have work to do.

The April 2022 Harvard/Harris Poll puts the Governor behind one potential 2024 General Election opponent, should both make the ballot.

In a poll of 1,966 registered voters conducted online Apr. 20 and 21, DeSantis is 4 points behind Vice President Kamala Harris, in the event he and Harris were to become their parties’ respective nominees.

Harris commanded the support of 42% of those polled, with DeSantis the choice of 38% of respondents. An additional 20% were unsure of who they would choose.

This continues a recent tradition of close hypothetical races between the two. A February Harvard University/Harris Poll showed Harris the choice of 41% of those surveyed, with DeSantis at 39%. A January Harvard/Harris Poll showed DeSantis 1 point ahead, 40% to 39%.

DeSantis was not polled against President Joe Biden in the most recent April survey.

When the progressive left failed to install Hillary as their leader in 2016 — and subsequently had to face the repercussions of what Hillary’s camp did post-election re: cooking up a Russia collusion hoax — they scrambled to foist possibly the worst of their crew onto the American people, using the chaos of the pandemic to keep their Frankenstein out of sight.


But they couldn’t keep him — nor his gaffe-prone mouth — shut up forever. And it may be the worst thing that’s happened to the credibility of the Democrat party in quite some time.

I talk about all that on the show below, as well as offer my thoughts on the outstanding “Top Gun: Maverick” (trailer below). Oh and sure, Depp and Heard are in there, too.

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