Dr. Jill Biden Classes up the Place (With a Profane Dig at Kamala Harris)

Dr. Jill Biden Classes up the Place (With a Profane Dig at Kamala Harris)
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Americans were told time and again that one of the reasons Trump was unfit for office was his coarseness and general un-presidential behavior.

Apparently, those standards don’t apply to first ladies because Dr. Jill Biden, current FLOTUS and wife to the man who Americans were also assured definitely pulled an astonishing number of votes in 2020, has recently been revealed to have a bit of a salty streak herself.

The good doctor reportedly vented to Biden supporters that Kamala Harris, now her husband’s VP, should “go f–k” herself following the now-infamous debate in which Harris questioned Biden’s record on race.

The future first lady fumed to supporters after Harris, who is now President Biden’s vice president, slammed his record opposing federally mandated interracial busing to desegregate schools.

“That little girl was me!” Harris told Biden in one of the most cutting moments of the Democratic primary.

Jill Biden vented one week later on a group phone call with supporters, according to an account published by Politico.

“With what he cares about, what he fights for, what he’s committed to, you get up there and call him a racist without basis? Go f–k yourself,” Jill Biden allegedly said.

Saucer of milk, table for two!

But that’s not the most hilarious part of this New York Post report detailing the grumpy boomer profanity. This gem wins that prize.

Joe Biden also was furious about the attack.

While still on stage during the debate, Biden allegedly turned to fellow candidate Pete Buttigieg and said of Harris’ attack: “That was some f–king bullshit.”

Buttigieg is currently Biden’s transportation secretary.

Honestly, this story coming out now is suspiciously interesting timing because, as Charles Cooke at National Review writes, Democrats need to do something quickly about the fact that almost no one likes Vice President Harris, despite the charming stories of her extramarital affairs, her ruthless ambition, and her unrelenting incarceration practices as California AG, et al.

Now holding the vice presidency, Harris remains impressively unbeloved. Per a recent YouGov poll, her net approval rating is ten points underwater among all voters and 25 points underwater among independents, 44 percent of whom say they have a “very unfavorable” opinion. For a vice president to engender such feelings — especially at this stage in the cycle — is unusual, to say the least.

[W]hen Biden leaves the White House, Kamala Harris will be his presumptive heir, and…the Democratic Party — which explicitly put Harris there because she is a female minority — will struggle mightily to extricate itself from the dead weight she brings along. “Look at this historic vice president who, of course, shouldn’t be the actual president” is not exactly a winning message, is it?

Is it possible that the Democrat calculus has concluded it’s worth it to throw Ol’ Cornpop and his Country Club Karen wife under the bus to create the image that Kamala spoke real truth to real power on the issue of race? Even better if that real power is now her boss and she is magnanimous enough to learn to work with him for the good of the country?


Or maybe the political class in this country is less precious than it would have had everyone believe when it was teetering around, near to fainting, over the coarse language and behavior of Donald John Trump.

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