Georgia GOP Taking Steps to Reduce Potential For Fraud in Senate Runoff

AP Photo/John Bazemore

As Sen. Chuck Schumer said, as Georgia goes, so goes America. The Georgia GOP is taking him seriously.

The Georgia Republican Party, facing concerns that GOP voters might decline to participate in the Senate runoff — a situation already being blamed on Trump but also likely a result of many Republicans in the state worried their votes won’t matter should the runoff suffer from the electoral integrity issues they believe existed in the general election — has outlined a plan to “restrict mail voting and roll back the election laws that contributed to the state’s record-high turnout in the presidential election.”


As soon as we may constitutionally convene, we will reform our election laws to secure our electoral process by eliminating at-will absentee voting. We will require photo identification for absentee voting for cause, and we will crack down on ballot harvesting by outlawing drop boxes,” the Republican Senate majority said Tuesday in a press release.

They are also calling for another audit of the general election results and “vowed to unwind a legal agreement that standardized Georgia’s signature match policies earlier this year and trained poll workers in best practices, changes that led to a lower rejection rate of mail ballots.”

“The Georgia Senate Republicans have heard the calls of millions of Georgians who have raised deep and heartfelt concerns that state law has been violated and our elections process abused in our November 3, 2020 elections. We will fix this,” the statement said.

At a rally Thursday in support of the January 5 Senate runoff, Georgia Republican Party chairman David Shafer — who had warned on Twitter election night that Republican poll watchers were being obstructed, and who has just sued Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger on behalf of The Republican National Committee and the Georgia Republican Party — said that they are “trusting no one” and “have recruited 4,000 poll watchers for the upcoming runoff elections. We filed suit against our own secretary of state. We’re gonna make sure we have eyes on every part of the process.”


Raffensperger’s office responded to the lawsuit by blaming the Ga. GOP for “failing to deliver Georgia for Trump.” Raffensperger, while insisting on full transparency in the upcoming runoff, skipped a recent legislative hearing on election integrity in Georgia, prompting the Georgia House Speaker to propose changing the Secretary of State of state election in Georgia from an election by the public to election by state legislators.



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