Despite Reports, Trump Admin IS Sharing Info With Team Biden By Warning Him About China

Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP

It’s part of the current popular transition mythos that the Trump Administration has been actively keeping Biden out of the briefing loop in a multipronged attempt to destroy Democracy on his way out the door. Despite those breathless reports, however, there has been some information sharing between the two camps. Trump’s team, in fact, via the State Department, has given Biden a great deal of information — more than he probably wanted given his recently reported problematic relationship to that regime — on exactly the challenge he faces with a China intent of ascendency.


In a detailed policy document, President Trump’s State Department is warning the incoming administration that it must address a Chinese government intent on displacing the United States as the world’s foremost power.

“The Trump administration achieved a fundamental break with the conventional wisdom. It concluded that the CCP’s [Chinese Communist Party’s] resolute conduct and self-professed goals require the United States and other countries to revise assumptions and develop a new strategic doctrine to address the primacy and magnitude of the China challenge,” according to the document.

The State Department’s policy planning office, often called the department’s “think tank,” wrote the report as a long-term document to “sketch a framework for the fashioning of sturdy policies that stand above bureaucratic squabbles and interagency turf battles and transcend short-term election cycles.”

China’s government is a mounting challenge to free countries that adhere to the international, rules-based system, according to the report. The paper also accuses China of illegally obtaining technology to control its own population, corrupting international institutions, pursuing extravagant territorial claims, brazenly defying international law, grossly abusing human rights, embarking on a military program to surpass U.S. dominance, and coordinating with American adversaries to push disinformation.

“The CCP’s recklessness in allowing the novel coronavirus born in Wuhan to develop into a global pandemic, coupled with the concerted disinformation campaign that Beijing undertook to conceal China’s culpability, should put doubts to rest,” according to the document.


There have already been reports that Biden’s plans — should he take office in January — as regards Communist China are hazy and may even, at the start, not deviate much from the incumbent administration’s. But Biden has a problem: his dealings with China have almost certainly compromised his ability to negotiate with them as an American president should, and that’s without Hunter’s laptop problems.

Among the more amazing revelations in the Biden corruption scandal that the media-Democrat complex is blocking voters from seeing is this: The corrupt Chinese businessmen with whom the Bidens were colluding not only had a record of buying political influence, not only were known to have high-level ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the regime, but also were clandestine agents of China — at least, that’s what the FBI and Justice Department seem to have told the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

The Bidens were seeking a $40 million liquefied natural gas (LNG) deal with CEFC, a Shanghai-based energy conglomerate that was flying high until early 2018. By then, however, it had become crystal clear to Xi Jinping’s government that the company’s machinations on behalf of the regime had been penetrated by U.S. intelligence and law-enforcement. CEFC formally went bankrupt earlier this year, but that was two years after the regime pulled the plug on its operations – which appear to have been a cover for Chinese intelligence operations.


And China is not just on the minds of Americans. It’s on the minds of America’s allies as well.

“We urge the Chinese central authorities to re-consider their actions against Hong Kong’s elected legislature and immediately reinstate the Legislative Council members,” foreign ministers from Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the United States said in a statement.

Credit the State Department for reminding Biden what he can expect as President when facing a regime he was apparently foolish enough to trust on a botched energy deal when he was just a former Vice President.



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