Marble Halls & Silver Screens with Sarah Lee Ep. 33: The 'Battle For Treatment & Joy' Edition

So the House finally passed the coronavirus relief bill I hear. But not without some last minute politicking by Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) over the decision to cast a voice vote while members are off being quarantined. I don’t generally have a problem with Massie, the libertarian streak of opposing-just-to-oppose notwithstanding. He’s mostly ok. But the politicking has become uncomfortably weird at a time when the American people should be confident that their elected representatives will make the hard decisions and let them get back to work as we continue to flatten that godforsaken coronavirus curve.


But Massie is simply living up to a lot of what’s going on during this pandemic. I wrote today about what looks like a political decision out of Michigan where the Democratic governor has issued warnings to doctors and pharmacists not to prescribe hydroxychloroquine off-label to treat coronavirus, despite some evidence by clinicians that have been studying it — and the fact the fact that it’s currently undergoing a clinical trial in New York — that it’s showing some effectiveness.

And why would a governor overreach in such a way, actually asking doctors to inform on each other if they see colleagues going against this “suggestion”?

Because Trump has been vocally in favor of using the drug, calling it a potential game-changer in the treatment of this vicious virus. And the behavior of Democrats, since Trump’s election, is to defy anything the president believes is worthwhile and turn it into histrionic bad news for America.

We seemingly, even in times of pandemic and death, cannot escape the privileged class’s sniping at each other. That’s a matter of character and it says something about who we’re electing. But that’s for another show.


I talk about it all in depth on the show today, and also review “Onward” (trailer below), which is delightful. There’s also some discussion of a silver lining for Hollywood once all this madness blows over — but only if they make decisions to be smarter and more creative about how they make blockbusters going forward. Have a listen and keep the faith! We’re maybe in the home stretch…

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