Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 31: 'The Way Back From Coronavirus' Edition

President Trump is speaking from the Rose Garden as I write this about some extra measures being taken to address the coronavirus outbreak that is, quite literally, sweeping the world. The administration has officially declared the pandemic a national emergency. Flanking him are executives from pharmacy companies, and some of the new information is that the U.S. has been sharing data with China as their numbers slow, and that drive-thru testing will soon be made available to Americans. So there are some bright spots trying to shine through on this scary situation that has affected all our lives. The next 8 weeks, the president said, will be critical.


NIAID Director Dr. Antony Fauci noted, when he stepped to the podium, that it’s hard to say when the decline in numbers of new infections will come so the administration’s efforts are more an attempt to flatten the peak number of cases identified. The president also noted that his administration is showing no signs of the flu.

Some other bright spots as we all fight to stay positive include some anti-viral drug testing on the Diamond Princess Cruise victims that is apparently saving lives that were very nearly lost. There are also vaccines being developed, both here in the United States and in Israel. And the China trade deal remains, according to Trump, unaffected. So all is not lost. Have faith, fellow travelers.

I cover all this on the show today, as well as offer a review of a gem of a film, “The Way Back” (trailer below). Also, for you weirdos, I’ve got some pandemic viewing suggestions for the best disease apocalypse films around.


In the words of the great Douglas Adams: “Don’t Panic.”

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