Marble Halls & Silver Screens With Sarah Lee Ep. 24: America's Choice: Hillary's Four-Hour Failure Documentary or Benjamin Watson's Self-Funded Pro-Life Documentary

screen cap from trailer, courtesy Hulu

Welcome to your Friday mental health break! Forty minutes of yours truly chatting about (of course) impeachment (yawnsville, but it’ll get more exciting when the defense begins its argument in coming days), the charming nostalgia of Amazon Prime’s “Troop Zero,” (trailer below), and the choice that lays before America in documentary options: Hillary Clinton’s four hours of failure in Hulu’s documentary entitled Hillary that covers her 2016 campaign; or NFL Patriot and pro-life Christian Benjamin Watson’s self-filmed and produced documentary on abortion?


If there’s something that better illustrates the massive divide between average Americans and the elite leftist politician, it’s the story of these two documentaries. One tells the tale of a massive failure by someone who purports to be breaking glass ceilings but who actually fits comfortably into a mold. It’s being spun as a documentary of success in the face of tragedy and has the financial backing and production talent of the best of the best in documentary filmmaking. Not to mention it’s being distributed by one of the biggest players in digital film.

The other is the heart-project of a man who is actually busting several stereotypes at once: the selfish sports star who is actually a married father of seven, and the black American who defies Democrats’ beliefs and is a pro-life Christian. Patriots’ player Benjamin Watson made a documentary in the offseason and during bye weeks which is self-funded, -filmed, and -produced. He is currently actively seeking a distributor.


You have a choice, America. Which of these two stories appeals to you? Choose wisely. But know that one will be everywhere you look. The other will take some work to find. Do the work.

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