MUST LISTEN: Gen. Flynn's Attorney Sidney Powell Talks 'Deep and Wide' Corruption at DOJ, Hopes Durham Investigation Begins Process of Exposing It


Word came down a few days ago that, despite the best efforts of Michael Flynn’s incomparable attorney Sidney Powell, the retired general was denied exculpatory evidence he says could prove his innocence and overturn his guilty plea on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct, and will be sentenced at the end of January.

Prior to the ruling, Powell appeared on the Eric Metaxas show and weaved a story of “deep state — for lack of a better word” corruption that she says has become nearly endemic in the Department of Justice by lawyers who have learned that “if they use the law as a weapon rather than a measure of justice” they can be promoted and protected as they advance in their careers.

Powell, who is, she says, a “lone voice in the wilderness” on the subject of prosecutorial misconduct (she wrote a 2014 book on the subject called, “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption on the Department of Justice” that dealt with the Sen. Ted Stevens case among others), tells Metaxas that Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham have their work cut out for them given the magnitude of the problem.


“If they can do this to United States Senator Ted Stevens — and turn that power on Gen. Flynn and Paul Manafort… and the president of the United States, imagine what they can do to anyone else out there that they want to railroad,” Powell says.

She also explains why Flynn was targeted by the incumbent government as a scapegoat for Trump.

“[Flynn] was the tip of the spear to try to take out president trump,” Powell says.

Using IG Horowitz’s report, she says that the timeline indicates that on August 15, 2016, FBI agents Pete Strzok and his lover Lisa Page had a conversation about an insurance policy in FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s office.

On August 16, the counterintelligence operation was opened against Flynn, and the next day, at an ostensible intelligence briefing for President Trump, an agent was actually attempting to cull information they could use against Flynn at that briefing.

And the reason they used Flynn?

“He had already said that he was going to audit all the intelligence agencies and seriously reduce their manpower if he were in a position to do so,” Powell says. “The Afghanistan papers the Washington Post just published within the last week or so also revealed that [Flynn] was the sole voice of truth with respect to the ridiculous and ineffective war in Afghanistan and had been screaming about that.”


“He knew where all the bodies were buried, and he still does,” Powell says. “They were determined to destroy him.”

In the hour-long interview, Powell notes that the corruption in government is so vast that we’ve barely scratched the surface, and she expects indictments from Durham’s investigation.

“This is like the mafia running America,” Metaxas says.

“With the imprimatur and all the weight of the United States government,” Powell adds.

Full interview below. Do yourselves a favor and watch it.


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