Choose Your Own Adventure: Impeachment Or FISA Report?

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As I type, Democrat Rep. Jerry Nadler (NY) is giving an opening statement in the House Judiciary Committee, introducing the first — his party hopes — really potentially fatal shot fired in the impeachment of President Donald Trump.


Which is a bit silly, really. Because they’ll be defining the articles of impeachment and then voting on them at some point so it’s more procedure than fireworks. But the buzz has been big regardless, as usual.

But they are, it seems, ramping up the seriousness of the charges.

If you’ve been watching this all play out for almost 4 years now, you’ll have recognized that the Democrats tend to be masters of projection. You could set a clock by it. If they’ve done something, they accuse Trump of doing it. And this newest gambit is nothing surprising because — oh did I fail to mention at the top? — the long-awaited DOJ Inspector General’s report on FISA abuse related to the scheme to tag Trump a Russian asset (the newest vogue danger to the republic)  drops today. And, by some accounts, it’s not as vanilla as we were led to believe. And it even might, as of very recently, contain a few surprises that those who had seen the draft and called it a nothingburger were unaware of.

Following the FISA report, there comes the other, conducted by Attorney General Bill Barr and his handpicked investigator U.S. Attorney John Durham. And that one is related to a criminal investigation. And already has a Grand Jury assembled waiting in the wings to pass judgment, although it may be months before we see it.


So what you’ll be watching today on Capitol Hill in that House Committee room will be little more than a desperate attempt to compete with what is sure to be the beginning of — if all indicators are correct — the exposure of the biggest political scandal this nation has ever seen.

And that’s not hyperbole. The plot to destroy a political rival with drummed up accusations of treason, using the intelligence apparatus of the federal government and foreign confidential human sources (read: spies) is incomparable in our history. There’s literally been nothing like it before.

But the impeachment show is meant to keep everyone from realizing that.

So it’s choose your own adventure time, America. Impeachment or the FISA report? Which path do you think will lead you safely out of the cave, and which is going to have you eaten by a bear?

It’s up to you to decide.


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