Marble Halls & Silver Screens w/Sarah Lee Ep. 8: The 'Impeachment ReUp, Between Two Ferns, And Woke Joker' Edition

Still image of “Joker”, courtesy Warner Brothers Pictures

I’m tackling the latest developments in the impeachment inquiry/origins of Russia collusion, um, situation on this week’s show. Honestly, that may be a regular feature because it’s playing out like a he-said/she-said and will likely continue on through the election. And who doesn’t love a soap opera? The drama!


The gist is that you’re going to be hearing a lot of noise, so I highly encourage you to do the reading yourselves — all sides of it — and pay attention to the little hairs on your neck when they go up because you think you might be being manipulated. Because there’s a good chance you’re right: you are.

Also, I review a silly bit of sugary goodness from Netflix, “Between Two Ferns”. Galifianakis takes his cable access show on the road to appease evil Will Ferrell and the bigwigs at Funny Or Die. There’s some good bits, mostly during the credits when the actors — playing themselves — stop pretending to be mortified by Galifianakis’ weird questions and lose themselves in laughter. The Paul Rudd bit is gold. Trailer here:

Finally, I try to explain the criticism behind the forthcoming “Joker” film, and how director Todd Phillips is pointing a clown finger at the woke critics of comedy but they don’t seem to get the joke. I wrote about that yesterday here. 


Enjoy! And don’t be afraid to let me have it in the comments. Who knows? Maybe it might lead to something good.

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