Marble Halls & Silver Screens w/Sarah Lee Ep. 6: The 'Kavanaugh, Hustlers, And Student Athlete Endorsements' Edition

“Oh, you thought we were done with Brett Kavanugh? That’s cute…” ~ Democrats, probably.

If you’re wondering where cancel culture ends, you’ll have to sit tight a bit longer because it’s reached its peak with the latest, recycled, allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Two “journalists” from The New York Times have written a book you see, an excerpt of which appeared in the Times newspaper, in which they allege — among other things — that Kavanaugh’s friends helped him sexually assault someone by literally placing his penis in a drunk girl’s hand.


I can get into how the “victim” doesn’t remember any such thing happening to her, how the Times piece left that out and later had to amend their “reporting”, how the book also reveals a former friend of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey-Ford has decided to come forward and call BS on the whole thing (and announces she was threatened and intimidated to feel differently), etc. But I’m just going to let you all process the absurdity of a claim that Kavanaugh’s friends did what they are alleged to have done.

The good news is that it’s clear cancel culture is desperate because whoa…they’re really expecting us to believe these whoppers…

And I talk it about it all on the show!

I also give a review of the new Jennifer Lopez film, Hustlers, based on this actual piece of reporting from New York Magazine. In particular, I discuss the “feminism” and “empowerment” of ladies who throw themselves at the basest impulses of men to the degree that they begin seeing men as nothing more than marks.

Finally, I talk college football and whether or not we should be seriously considering what California (that purveyor of all good ideas *eyeroll*) is seriously considering and paying college athletes. Do we really want college athletes to become employees, represented by unions? Because that’s what California wants. Further, they want the rest of the country to ultimately comply, which could run counter to the Commerce Clause (please forgive my fumbling in the show trying to explain this. I’m not a Constitutional scholar, but I think I got it out there without butchering the concept.)


[I left something out of the show that I promised at the top to talk briefly about and forgot. So I’ll put it here because it legitimately made me laugh aloud like a crazy person. Anyone who’s ever seen pictures of Namath in that fur coat from the 70s knows why this is hilarious.]

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