Trump's Corrupt FEMA Official Accused Of Taking Bribes After Hurricane Maria Is Actually Obama's Corrupt FEMA Official


Oh dear, they’ve done it again.

Apparently some Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) employees were arrested Tuesday in a massive corruption probe. These federal employees are alleged to have accepted bribes from a company that was ultimately hired to do $1.8 billion worth of contracting to repair the electrical grid on Puerto Rico following the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

Federal authorities arrested Ahsha Tribble, FEMA’s former deputy administrator for the region that includes Puerto Rico, and Donald Keith Ellison, the former president of Cobra Acquisitions with whom Ms. Tribble had a “close personal relationship,” Rosa Emilia Rodríguez Vélez, the United States attorney for Puerto Rico, announced. They were accused of conspiring to defraud the federal government, among other charges.

A second FEMA employee, Jovanda R. Patterson, who worked as a deputy chief of staff in Puerto Rico and was later hired by Cobra, was also arrested, Ms. Rodríguez Vélez said.

Apparently Ellison really wanted that contract because the New York Times writes that in exchange for Tribble’s good word to FEMA management, he gave her a whole litany of gifts.


The “stream of benefits” ranged from a helicopter ride over Puerto Rico to the securing of an apartment in New York, the authorities said.

They also included personal security services; the use of one of Mr. Ellison’s credit cards; airplane tickets, including one first-class ticket from San Juan, the Puerto Rican capital, to New York; and hotel stays in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Charlotte, N.C. Mr. Ellison and Ms. Tribble traveled together and stayed in the same room, Ms. Rodríguez Vélez said. One of their itineraries mentioned in the indictment referred to travel involving “you,” “me” and “us.”

Anti-Trump administration Twitter users quickly grabbed onto a paragraph from the piece and used it to rage against Trump for allowing such corruption on his watch.

And then the bigwig libs got involved.


Spoiler alert: they were wrong. Again.

This is getting too easy to even be fun anymore.


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