Marble Halls & Silver Screens Podcast Ep. 76 — The Pacific Northwest Thuggery Edition

Marble Halls & Silver Screens


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Astonishingly, we were forced this week (in much the same way everyone else was) to discuss whether or not journalist Andy Ngo, who was beaten into the ER by everyone’s favorite white, middle class cowardly thugs Antifa, got what he deserved because those were the terms of the debate laid out by Antifa and their media handlers. You can probably guess where we came down on the issue, but listen anyway to find out.


There’s also a discussion this week about some canceled shoes:

And Russell Crowe’s introduction to just how agenda-driven Hollywood can be when it comes to political storytelling.

We also talk about the #USWNT (that’s the U.S. ladies’ soccer team to you non-followers) and the things that make them mad while they’re playing absolute bang-up soccer in the World Cup; and we round it out with a little look at how China’s film industry may be affected by the larger trade relationship Trump is developing with that country.

Give us a listen!

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