Teen Vogue Pushing Marxism (Again)

Hot off promoting the virtues of sex work as a career choice, Teen Vogue — surely just trying to deflect attention away from that bizarre story and the resulting bad press it generated — has re-upped another recent classic that is sure to make everyone forget they were telling little Susie to try hooking for a living.


This little gem was originally published in May of last year, and is an attempt to do exactly what the twitter cutline suggests: sell Marxism as super, duper popular and super, duper smart. Just like prostitution.

People on the Twitter machine who might know a little more than the brain trust over at Teen Vogue went to work.


This Intellectual Takeout piece is a must read for really getting at the heart of the man who played the long con of pitting the haves against the have nots is a social war where no one wins except the strongman and dictator who survives.


I suppose the good news is that the Marxists out there have come out into the open instead of sneakily filling college students’ heads full of this nonsense when young people leave home, often for the first time.

Since they’re going after younger teenagers now, there’s a chance for adults to stop the silly indoctrination in its tracks before the failed revolution begins.


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