The Extinction Rebellion Is Apparently Really, Really Silly

Extinction Rebellion (Image: Screengrab GoFundMe)

It’s come to this: climate change alarmists in England glued themselves (probably with vegan glue that contains no harmful chemicals) to the London Stock Exchange Friday following a 10-day tear through the city that saw over 700 arrested for blocking roads and — who are we kidding? — just being generally annoying.


Here’s a highlight:

The group, who calls for “non-violent civil disobedience to force the British government to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025 and stop what it calls a global climate crisis”,  spent last week blocking roads and causing general mayhem (and of course were joined by at least one famous actress that it makes me too sad to name here because, why Emma?).

By Friday, they had turned their attention to London’s financial district where they began affixing themselves to things with glue. Because that will surely save the environment. No doubt British government and business leaders will start to do things differently now (not sure what the specifics would be to save the world from extinction and how Goldman Sachs can help, but perhaps that’s on The Extinction Rebellion’s website) as soon as they finish laughing at how utterly absurd and ridiculous it is to glue your breasts to something to make positive change in society.


I mean, go get a job working for a fuel company and set about making suggestions about how to innovate to make things run cleaner, if that’s what you’re really trying to do. Or just be better stewards of your own environment and teach your children to do the same. The flipside of fascism is disruptive activism. It’s all about bending people to your will.

Try WORKING to change things. The results tend to be a bit better and longer lasting.

And if you must protest, come armed with data and facts (I know that’s hard to do with climate change since it’s anti-scientific and the data has been manipulated and lied about so much over the years). Boobs, glue, and rage is just not likely to get the job done.


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