LOL: Sarah Sanders' Tweet Has Resistniks Full of March Madness

Frequent target of the hostile press, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders decided to exhale a bit after the Mueller report found the administration she works for was not colluding with Russia, before or after the election. She played off  the March Madness basketball tournament and tweeted a pretty hilarious little bracket of hot takes from her friends in the press.


The bracket itself was created by Journalist Sohrab Ahmari, but it took Sanders tweet to really bring out the claws.

Sanders tweeting it out led to, of course, immediate self-righteousness and tsk-tsking from the resistors who will never, it seems, accept the very people and policies they support led to a two-year drain on taxpayer money and a weakening of the moral fabric of the country. But those who bought into the collusion story are very concerned about propriety now apparently, as this user’s tweet (and it’s one of many) showcases.


Hmmm…how about treason? Is that appropriate? Because what Sanders says below is true.

Some reexamining of priorities is in order following the release of the Mueller report, although so far there looks to be little of that happening. But at the very least letting the people who were smeared for two years have a laugh about their exoneration is good form. Show a little grace, progressives, if you can still manage such things.


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