Explosive New Claim: Imran Awan May Have Transferred Stolen Data to Pakistani Senator

It’s been criminally under reported, but disgraced IT aide Imran Awan — who was busted trying to leave the country after defrauding the federal government and allegedly stealing data from untold Democratic House members who hired him — may have given some of that data to a Pakistani Senator and former head of a Pakistani intelligence agency.


From The Daily Caller, where reporter Luke Rosiak has continued to follow a story that apparently no other “respectable journalist” wants to touch:

The father of Imran Awan — an IT aide to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who investigators concluded made “unauthorized access” to House servers — transferred a USB drive to a Pakistani senator and former head of a Pakistani intelligence agency, the father’s ex-business partner, Rashid Minhas, alleged.

Minhas told The Daily Caller News Foundation that Imran Awan’s father, Haji Ashraf Awan, was giving data to Pakistani official Rehman Malik, and that Imran bragged he had the power to “change the U.S. president.”

Asked for how he knew this, he said that on one occasion in 2008 when a “USB [was] given to Rehman Malik by Imran’s father, my brother Abdul Razzaq was with his father.”

“After Imran’s father deliver (sic) USB to Rehman Malik, four Pakistani [government intelligence] agents were with his father 24-hour on duty to protect him,” he said. Minhas did not say what was on the USB.

Awan, along with is brother, wife, sister-in-law and family friend, is implicated in a scheme to transfer extremely sensitive data from the computers of Democratic House members he worked for — including Wasserman Schultz and the Democratic National Committee itself — onto an unauthorized computer, that then disappeared.

Awan was ultimately fired, but before he left Capitol Hill, he placed a notebook and a laptop belonging to Wasserman Shultz in a small room in the Capitol for police to find leading to an expanded investigation of the Awan family.


The Daily Caller News Foundation (which traveled to Pakistan to report on this story) states it cannot confirm the story about  the USB drive. However Minhas, who made the claim, was part of a fraudulent land deal with Awan’s father, that Imran claimed to have persuaded White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to look into. The charges were reportedly dropped against the elder Awan.

“Imran’s most forceful advocate and longtime employer is Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who led the DNC until she resigned following a hack that exposed committee emails,” The DC reports.

Awan is currently on trial before a federal jury for conspiracy to commit bank fraud; false statements on a loan or credit application; unlawful monetary transactions; and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions.


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