Comey Knows What Super Handsome Actor Should Play Him In the Hollywood Movie

Earlier this week, after former FBI Director James Comey began promoting his book A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership, it was reported that Humble Jim — and he is; just ask him — was contemplating securing a Hollywood deal to retain the rights to what I’m sure he’s sure will be a very hot commodity in the coming months.


Making sure to secure the movie rights to the story of your time leading a highly sensitive government agency is definitely the move of a very humble person who is only concerned about the future of the country and keeping her safe. And of course, the armchair casting decisions began almost immediately, no doubt enhancing the humility of Humble Jim.

But Comey — humble as he is — knows exactly who should play him, and he told the ladies of The View who he believed should be so be honored..

“My kids vote would be for Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights,” Comey said in an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of The View. The show’s co-hosts threw out a number of suggestions, including John Cusack and Vince Vaughn. Whoopi Goldberg even offered herself up, joking, “I feel I could do you justice.”

Chandler, who a number of internet commentators have long suggested should play Comey in a Hollywood version of his story, has experience portraying an FBI agent, too — he played the dogged investigator trailing Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street. Chandler’s character, agent Patrick Denham, was based on real-life special agent John Brosnan.


Chandler is, in the event you don’t know, a very attractive man. But that’s just part of the deal when your story goes Hollywood; you becoming much hotter in the retelling. So, you get a break there, Comey.

Anyway, we know that’s not why Humble Jim is trying to retain the rights to sell his story. He’s doing it for America. Not his ego. The latter is something he’s struggled with and beat back to be of better service to his country. He’s been very clear.

Perhaps Mr. Chandler will have the acting chops to portray, with sensitivity and courage, that struggle onscreen. Comey thinks he might. And that’s what counts.


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