NEW EPISODE: Marble Halls & Silver Screens

Join Brad and Sarah for the 10th episode of Marble Halls & Silver Screens where they are joined by special guest Sean Hackbarth, senior editor of digital content at the US Chamber of Commerce.


Sean breaks down Trump’s tariff decision and gives a review of Black Panther. There’s also Brad’s super special Guardians of the Galaxy memento, a possible end to the Russian collusion investigation, Jimmy Kimmel’s whining and the boring after-presidency of Barack Obama. Tune in! (Music: “Southern Nights” ~ Glen Campbell)

Slager finally got his Doritos promotional bag of chips that comes equipped with an actual working MP3 player loaded with Starlord’s cassette mix from his mom.


The crowd that joined Slager for his Sunday night viewing of “Hurricane Heist”.

Listen to “Marble Halls and Silver Screens ep. 10” on Spreaker.


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