Will The Oscars be Non-Political? Hahaha, No.

There have been some reports that the Oscars, scheduled for Sunday night, will be less political this year, despite the host of the show having become known in the last year or so as a star who pulls no punches when it comes to disliking the current administration.


The show’s producers say people who like a little less shaming with their entertainment are in for a pleasant evening.

Oscar producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd tell USA TODAY that host Jimmy Kimmel’s show monologue will hit on politics, but will not be as acutely political as Kimmel has been this year during memorable moments of his talkshow.

This month Jimmy Kimmel Live! has featured its host emotionally pleading with President Trump on air to discuss gun control. Kimmel has passionately discussed hot button topics like health care over the past year too.

De Luca says the Oscar political comedy will be of a “different stripe.”

“Jimmy’s job as the host of his own show is different than his job as the Oscars host. His monologue, his humor is less issue-oriented for our purposes,” says De Luca. “It will be current, but not as pointed.”

So, can they believed?

Yeah, probably not.

Stars may not be sacrificing style to protest sexual harassment on this years Oscars red carpet (all black is sooooo 2017), but in between their “Times Up” pin and their ACLU ribbon and their other assorted “Resistance” accoutrement, Oscar nominees and their dates will be sporting orange flag pins in support of gun control.

According to People Magazine, Everytown for Gun Safety will provide the pins – which typically retail for around $15 on their website – to celebrities who will walk the red carpet ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards broadcast, as a way of encouraging Americans to support tighter restrictions on their Second Amendment rights.


Gun control is the current darling of the progressive left following the shooting deaths of 17 innocent people in Parkland, Fla. in February by a deranged young man community police were warned repeatedly might snap and react violently. So Hollywood, given as they are to make shallow fashion statements about their “principled” stances on policy issues (all black for #metoo at the Golden Globes, blue ACLU ribbons to protest Trump’s proposed travel ban at last year’s Oscars), will be sporting little orange American flags to show that they want guns banned. Or that they want the 2nd Amendment repealed. Or that they don’t like high-powered rifles. Maybe all of them. It’s hard to be sure.

The point is: of course the Oscars will still be steeped in politics, no matter what Kimmel or the producers say. Actors simply don’t shy away from drama; and a color-coordinated protest is drama — passive-aggressive drama, but drama nonetheless.

One day perhaps Hollywood may do something useful like make a film that fairly examines the debate over the 2nd Amendment and why it exists. That might justify an embrace of politics on the red carpet because the entertainment industry will have at least contributed to the debate in a meaningful way.


As it is, it looks again like their little flashes of color as they prepare for an evening of back-slapping and self-congratulation are as pretty — and as empty — as their rhetoric.


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