Mika Brzezinski: Believe All Women! (Except Sexy Ones that Accuse Democrats)

The problem with mandating that all women must be “believed” — which is distinct from “all women should be given the benefit of the doubt while we investigate their claims” — without requiring evidence to justify that belief is that you get caught eventually in the trap of not actually believing one of them.


And then you become a hypocrite like Mika Brzezinski.

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski referred to an accuser of Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) as a “Playboy model who goes on Hannity [and] voted for Trump” during a Friday morning discussion on Franken’s resignation announcement.

In Franken’s Thursday announcement of his intention to resign from the Senate, he said that some of the eight accusations of sexual misconduct made against him were false and that he remembered other encounters differently.

Leeann Tweeden was the first to accuse Franken on Nov. 16, with the Los Angeles radio host sharing a photo of Franken appearing to grope her while she was sleeping during a flight on a USO tour in 2006…

“…I’m surprised that a comedian’s picture of a performer, playboy model who goes on Hannity, who voted for Trump. I see some politics there, but I haven’t brought that up every step of the way because of course, in this ‘Me Too’ environment, you must always believe the women.”

The strangest thing about these ladies — and Mika is only one. Twitter’s full of them — is that it would appear they reserve their lack of belief solely for women that go after Democrats or have made a living using their sex appeal (which I always thought a #nastywoman might be ok with, but I’m finding I really don’t understand modern feminism at all).


One would think Mika’s choice to not believe Tweeden — due to little more than her “incredibly uneasy feeling about this entire story” — might hinge on her not finding the accuser’s story credible for some reason. But alas, there’s a picture, isn’t there Mika? There’s nothing more credible than photographic evidence that the accused (in this case, Minnesota Sen. Al Franken) admitted was legitimate. Tweeden may be in some racy photos that bother you, dear, but in that photo, she was in a flak jacket. AND WAS ASLEEP.

So, why don’t you believe her? There’s no reason not to. Franken admitted to it. But you’re struggling with your belief, especially as it relates to the mandate from your allies that all women MUST be believed.

You can see how people might think you’re selectively sympathetic, with no compassion for accusers of Democrats and liberal men, can’t you Mika? And if you deny that this is true, perhaps there are some that will afford you the belief you withhold from Tweeden.


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