Apparently Everybody Has Ties to Russia

If one does a Google search with the term “the Russia connection” (which I just did), you will get a page full of stories about Donald Trump and his ties to Putin’s government. The image search is even better, political cartoons being what they are.


But, as Susan Wright wrote here yesterday working off a report from The Hill, “a massive bribery scandal, involving the Clintons, the Obama White House, and Russia has emerged.”

The latest involves a U.S. businessman, working undercover for the FBI, who was prevented from disclosing what he knew to U.S. lawmakers.

According to a new report at The Hill, he wasn’t just prevented from telling what he knew about the Russian nuclear industry’s efforts to influence the Obama administration, as well as the Clintons. He was threatened with jail time if he talked, by Obama’s Department of Justice.

Peter Schweizer has been writing about Clinton Foundation malfeasance — and that organization’s shady dealings with Russia — since 2009, and covered the backroom dealing with Putin as it relates to Russian interest in making inroads into the U.S. energy market in his must-read book, “Clinton Cash.” He was interviewed about the new information on an Obama administration cover-up today on Fox News.


Then there’s the news that the creators of the Fusion GPS Trump-Russia dossier have pleaded the 5th Amendment and decided not to speak (usually that’s in an attempt to avoid self-incrimination) before the House Intelligence Committee investigating Russian collusion. The partners of that firm seem more concerned about the fact that they felt forced to show up to enter that plea than they do about offering a reason why they might not want to answer questions.

So, back to that Google search…

There’s an awful lot still being written about the Trump administration’s dealings with Russia, and we know that there’s fire there otherwise Manafort and Flynn would still be employed. There’s also a simultaneous push to declare that Russia played an outsized role in influencing the 2016 election via social media and ad buys. Streiff covered that again this morning. The goal is, of course, to cement in the public consciousness that Trump used Russia to steal the election from Hillary.

But as more and more comes to light about Clinton and Obama and their “reset” with Russia, it’s looking like Russia had some significant inroads on both sides of the political spectrum, with one side almost frantically trying to prove the other side is more culpable.


Generally, the side that’s pointing the finger the hardest is the one with more to hide. And, based on this exchange yesterday between Sen. Ben Sasse and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Republicans appear to want to get to the bottom of just what’s going on with Russia.


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