On the Next Season of Stranger Things: Imran Awan WANTED Cops to Find That Laptop

When last we saw our heroine (just go with it), former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, she was adamantly defending her IT staffer Imran Awan — who was busted trying to flee to Pakistan — and calling anyone who disputed her decision to retain said staffer a racist and Islamophobe, even after he was banned from House networks for his crimes.


Oh, and she was also chastising and warning Capitol police that there would be “consequences” (video) if they did not return a laptop to her (even though she’s been unclear if it actually belonged to her) that they recovered during an investigation into the Awan crime family.

They had no right, you see, just taking someone’s property like that, investigation or not. But in the Upside Down (with thanks to Netflix’s “Stranger Things”), the things we think we have control of have control of us.

Because now, according to the continuing coverage of this bizarre story from The Daily Caller, it looks like that laptop wasn’t just happened upon and confiscated during a sweep of Awan’s old office or whatever. It was actually a gift to police by none other than the man himself.


From The Daily Caller:

U.S. Capitol Police found the laptop after midnight April 6, 2017, in a tiny room that formerly served as a phone booth in the Rayburn House Office Building, according to a Capitol Police report reviewed by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group. Alongside the laptop were a Pakistani ID card, copies of Awan’s driver’s license and congressional ID badge, and letters to the U.S. attorney. Police also found notes in a composition notebook marked “attorney-client privilege.” The laptop had the username “RepDWS,” even though the Florida Democrat and former Democratic National Committee chairman previously said it was Awan’s computer and that she had never even seen it.


Apparently one officer opened the laptop and the user name on that laptop, rather than Awan’s, was “RepDWS.” Awan was banned from House networks in February after it was discovered he was engaged in a procurement scam and was possibly a cybersecurity threat. His wife fled to Pakistan with their children shortly thereafter and nearly every member who had used his services fired him — except our heroine, who kept paying him until his arrest at Dulles airport this past summer as he attempted to board a plan for Pakistan following a wire transfer of almost $200,000 that he stole from the federal government via fraud.

The weirder this gets, the more interesting the contents of that laptop get.


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