Antifa Hates. Period.

Radio host Buck Sexton (and former CIA officer in the Counterterrorism Center, but that’s neither here nor there) took a battering ram to antifa in an op-ed in The Hill today, calling the mostly-white male bullies out for what they are: less a political movement, more a “violent outburst, an expression of the progressive left’s delusional emotionalism.:


[In Berkley], Antifa showed itself to be a pack of childish vandals posing as heroic resistance. For a mob of predominantly white males to gather in paramilitary formation, dressed from head to toe in black, with masks and batons to protest “fascism” shows that this group has no sense of history.

That some of its storm troopers use shields with “no hate” emblazoned on them as battering rams shows that they have no sense of irony either. There’s only so much that favorable media coverage can do to downplay or obscure the truth about antifa, and it’s anti-free speech zealotry. The Berkeley violence broke through that barrier.

Sexton notes that Antifa has become so out of control, just lobbing their hate bombs at anyone and everyone who glances their way, that even the normally rabidly progressive Nancy Pelosi has had to dry her fangs and condemn them.

Pelosi was even forced to qualify her statement as pertaining to the ideology of the Antifa protestors when she said, “Our democracy has no room for inciting violence or endangering the public, no matter the ideology of those who commit such acts.” So, in case you thought Antifa were anarchists, Pelosi is here to confirm: they are progressives and they’re making us look bad.

Real fake news site The Onion, generally a bastion of the left as well, took a page from Madam Pelosi with what some are saying is better reporting on Antifa than that offered by CNN. Their piece, titled, “Antifa Organizers Announce Plans To Disrupt Neo-Nazi Rally Or Whatever Else Going On That Day”, really is strikingly accurate when they quote fake person Sarah Jackson, 26, as saying “the only way to end the spread of fascism is to physically confront Nazis, peaceful right-wing protesters, or just random people going about their daily lives.”


Sexton puts it a different way. Antifa lives by a manifesto that essentially provides them “an excuse to inflict violence on any ideological opponent, at any time, for any reason.”

Which makes Berkley surrendering to Antifa antics that much more troubling. If Antifa will literally go after anyone, at any time, for any reason, then their goal can be reasonably assumed to be silencing everyone.

Ready for the Antifa Party anyone?


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