With Ossoff, Desperate Democrats Using Whole Sneaky Playbook

There’s a running joke right now on Twitter that the hot takes following today’s election in the Georgia 6th Congressional District are going to be off the charts, and that maybe we’re all taking it a bit too seriously. Take it away Allahpundit:


It’s certainly been all over the news cycle, odd for a house race in a deep red state with a blue urban center. It’s not like we’ve never seen this before; what’s more, whoever wins will likely be a rather lukewarm junior senator. Additionally, the chances this really sets the stage for how both sides “deal” with President Trump is a bit Magic 8 Ball to put much stock in.

However, in one way, it is a very interesting race. As Jay Caruso wrote on this site this morning, “The race is a referendum on the Presidency of Donald Trump, young as it may be.”

That’s probably true to a degree — it will show how people feel about his presidency if not how they’ll deal with it (because they’ll have to deal with it if they want to be successful in their seats. The GOP owns the Hill at present and so far they’re backing the President).

But in another way, it seems to me it will have an everlasting effect on how everyone deals and feels about the Democrat party, specifically the Progressive wing.

Because in this election, Dems are throwing every single trick in their playbook out there hoping one works. From outside money flowing in from coastal elites in California and New York, to the manufacturing of a recent-unknown into a viable candidate, to the framing of said candidate as a moderate with maybe even conservative leanings (I’m not joined by many on this, but I think Ossoff is nothing if not a hard-core, all the way to the left progressive).


Dems are desperate for this win and it shows. And I think that’s what tonight’s election is really a referendum on: the losing policies of the Democrat party.

I’ve heard it said colloquially that Dems have to cheat to win elections because their ideas simply are not good enough to merit a win on their own. Technically what’s happening in Georgia 6th isn’t cheating, but it’s a pretty hinky situation all the way around. I mean the first several ads never even revealed Ossoff’s political party, for goodness sake.

So let this be my official hot take: Ossoff’s win or loss will prove whether the Democrat Party still has anything to sell on the up and up or if they will sink further and further into the pit of irrelevance.

Funny. Prior to November 2016, I remember those same questions being asked about the GOP.


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