J.K. Rowling Behaves Like an ACTUAL Feminist by Defending Theresa May

In a Twitter thread that all lefty fake-feminists need to read, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling (who fell out of favor with Trump supporters over her criticism of him during the campaign) shows what it means to be a real defender of women.


She begins with this Tweet:

While Rowling never exposes the man she had to put in his place, presumably the gentleman was expressing some kind of hysterics over the recent British elections where British Prime Minister May’s Conservative Party took a massive hit, losing their majority and throwing May’s leadership in question.

The delicate man must have been celebrating May’s loss, because Rowling acknowledges his political leanings in a series of tweets, calling out the liberal men who, while pretending to be defenders of feminism, spew the same lunk-headed insults at conservative women they say their conservative knuckle-dragging counterparts throw around.

This is a truth most conservative women have been faced with at one time or another: how beastly that sensitive man can be once he finds out you vote exclusively for smaller government and fiscal responsibility, and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pink vagina hat.


While Rowling still has this strange propensity to believe that only liberals care about female empowerment:

Kudos to her anyway for doing her part to keep her own side honest.


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