Conspiracy of the Day: Chaffetz Blackmailed by Russia!

Despite our very own Neil Stevens’ highly rational and reasonable suggestions about why House Oversight Chair Jason Chaffetz is leaving his post (possibly eyeing another, potentially retiring Utah Senator’s seat for example…), the liberal left knows it’s much more diabolical: Russia. Of course. National Journal Politics Editor Josh Kraushaar shared their musings on Twitter this morning:


The tweet eventually links to a piece at the Palmer Report alleging a source has information that, “the FBI has learned that Russia has ‘kompromat’ blackmail material on Chaffetz and has been using it to keep him in line with regard to Trump’s Russia scandal.” Well that’s huge news. Why isn’t it being reported in every major newspaper and from behind every cable news desk in the country? Because the “source” with this bombshell accusation is none other than “conservative” conspiracy theorist and one-time respected journalist Louise Mensch. Don’t know Mensch? Well she’s most known for being a once-respected journalist who turned into a “conservative” embraced by the left because anything and everything having to do with President Donald Trump’s administration — or really the GOP in particular — is somehow tainted by Russia’s back room scheming and meddling in the last election. Don’t believe me? Here’s her take on Georgia’s special election outcome yesterday:


She also thinks Putin had Andrew Breitbart assassinated.  And now she’s certain Chaffetz is being blackmailed by Russia and is therefore unable to stay on in his role investigating ties between Trump and Putin. Draw your own conclusions, folks. For what it’s worth, she gained the love of the left for this little email episode, discovered as part of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s Wikileaks probe. She was definitely “with her” and liberals know it.

Does that automatically mean she’s wrong about Chaffetz? Not necessarily. But probably.


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