WATCH: Fed-Up Fans Respond Accordingly After Pro-Hamas Agitators Show Up During Orioles Game

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There are a handful of things in life that are absolute musts, and one of them is to never interrupt a dedicated fan when they're faithfully watching their favorite sports teams play, especially when they've bought tickets with their hard-earned money and have taken the time to drive out to the stadium/arena to cheer them on, sometimes in weather that is scorchingly hot or brutally cold.


Frustratingly, televised sporting events are one of those things that left-wing agitators view as the perfect setting in which to spread their warped "message," as we saw during the finish of the final PGA tournament round Sunday, and the Congressional baseball game two weeks ago.

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Unfortunately, a similar scene unfolded during a Major League Baseball game Wednesday between the Cleveland Indians Guardians and the Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles were playing at home at Camden Yards when, according to local reports, a handful of pro-Hamas agitators began a demonstration, unfurling a so-called Palestinian flag that contained the words "free Palestine," while breaking out in chants.

It didn't last long:

Four people who waved Palestinian flags and chanted in a short-lived protest were removed from the lower bowl at Camden Yards on Wednesday during the second inning of the Orioles’ game against the Cleveland Guardians.

The fans, one of whom carried a flag that read “Free Palestine,” were quickly escorted out of the stands. They had unveiled their flags behind home plate.

It’s not uncommon for fans who do not have tickets for a certain section to be removed. In addition, fans who block the view of other fans — or cause a disturbance — can be removed.


One of the pitchers on the Orioles' roster, Dean Kremer (who didn't play Wednesday), is Jewish. His parents are Israeli and he has dual Israeli-American citizenship. Some of his family members were in Israel when the October 7th Hamas terrorist attacks happened, but reportedly are okay. The team's new owner, philanthropist David Rubenstein, is also Jewish. The Orioles' Assistant GM, Eve Rosenbaum, is Jewish as well.

It's unclear if the protesters targeted the Orioles game based on any of that information.

What is clear, however, is that fans weren't having any of it.

Watch below to see/hear how they reacted (language warning):

The Orioles' policy on flags/banners/signs is pretty clear:

At the end of the day, when all was said and done, sanity prevailed as the demonstrators were quickly booted out, the fans said their piece and then some and, a few innings later, the Orioles had a win under their belts, defeating the Guardians by a score of 4-2.


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