'Hamas Caucus Is Angry': AOC Gets Rude Awakening After Rant on Alleged Gaza Telecoms Issues

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We are now approaching week four of the Israel-Hamas war, a battle that was instigated on October 7th when paragliding Hamas terrorists attacked Israeli civilians at an outdoor concert, with others reportedly stationing themselves at exit points to make it harder for terrified festival goers to get away as they were fired upon.


What followed that day was the slaughter of over 1,400 people, with some of them being raped and paraded naked through the streets. We would soon learn that beheaded babies were among the victims of Hamas' unrelenting barbarity.

Hostages were also taken, to be used for propaganda purposes -- or even worse.

Naturally, Israel's response has been to unleash the IDF in the most calculated and strategic ways possible, while also trying to minimize the loss of civilian life that unfortunately comes when terrorists use heavily populated areas like hospitals as staging areas, effectively turning civilians into human shields.

Israel, understandably, wants the hostages released alive and unharmed. They also want to eliminate the Hamas threat to their people once and for all. In order to accomplish this goal, they've had to target structures where Hamas terrorists are believed to be hiding. They also cut power to Gaza early on, and it now appears that telecommunications services in the city have taken a hit, with a "near-total blackout of internet and cellphone service" reported by international digital telecoms monitors.

Palestinian man Husam Zomlot detailed his alleged experiences in a Tweet Friday:

I have been trying to reach my family in Gaza for hours with no success. All telecommunications and internet have been cut, while Israeli strikes is literally destroying Gaza from air land and sea. How many more innocent people: children, parents and grandparents will be murdered before the world steps in?


Before we get to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's response, let's note for the record that Zomlot included the following information in his Twitter bio:

Ambassador, Head of Palestinian Mission to the UK, former Head of PLO Mission to the US, Strategic Affairs Advisor to President of Palestine

Less than five hours after his tweet, Ocasio-Cortez took to the Twitter machine to uncritically accept Zomlot's story and essentially accuse Israel of war crimes, while suggesting the United States was guilty of looking the other way.

"Cutting off all communication to a population of 2.2 million is unacceptable," she wrote. "Journalists, medical professionals, humanitarian efforts, and innocents are all endangered."

"I do not know how such an act can be defended," she went on to say. "The United States has historically denounced this practice."

It was immediately noted that the "Hamas caucus is angry," with some quick to point out the skewed priorities of AOC considering how long it took her to respond to reports of the initial attacks versus the one from a Palestinian ambassador about alleged telecommunications issues in Gaza:


"Hamas cut off heads, Israel cut off the internet  Your choice to focus on the latter does not reflect well on you," wrote another in a "truer words have never been spoken" moment.

The Hamas Squad continues to show us who they really are, and not only should we believe them but we need to continue calling them out every single step of the way.  It's the only way these people can truly be exposed because the mainstream media sure as hell won't do it.

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