Finally: Rob Gronkowski Says What Needs to Be Said About NFL/Media Obsession With Taylor Swift

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Not a week goes by that we don't see tweets galore from media figures and umpteen broadcast and print stories oohing and aahing about pop star Taylor Swift's appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games to support her rumored Man of the Moment, Travis Kelce. Heck, the MSM has even gone so far as to make reference to their alleged relationship in a story about a "massive stingray" that was caught in Long Island, just to show you how insane the coverage has gotten.


I don't know much about Swift and her "earthquake-sized influence" beyond her repeated efforts to appear as woke as possible on all things political, and her 2016 break-up with actor Tom "I am Loki of Asgard" Hiddleston, which as far as I'm concerned solidified Swift as one of the most foolish women on the planet.

Full disclosure - I'm a big Hiddles fan:

In any event, back to Swift. It's not just that the cameras inevitably end up panning to her on nearly every Kelce play, but the fact that the NFL has taken full advantage of the supposed couple's romance to pimp all things Swift, no doubt to capitalize on the spectacle for ratings, support, and, of course, the cash:

In the NFL’s undying quest for Taylor Swift’s heart, it asked its networks — NBC, ESPN, Fox and CBS — to show promos for her upcoming movie for free, The Post has learned.

ESPN and NBC acquiesced to the request and showed promos for Swift’s movie during the content portion of their pregame shows this past Sunday and Monday. 

ESPN played the Swift movie promos for her concert during “Sunday NFL Countdown” and “Monday NFL Countdown.” 

NBC’s free promo was on its pregame show, “Football Night in America,” prior to Chiefs-Jets, which Swift attended.


TV executives speculated that the NFL’s goal with Swift is the Super Bowl halftime show, which she has never done.


Swift becoming the centerpiece of the NFL's attempt at a "comeback" with fans who have grown weary of the league's hyper-focus on political correctness and wokeness has sparked a debate on whether or not they've gone too far. As far as NFL legend Rob Gronkowski is concerned, they have:

"I would just say ‘Bye, bye, bye.’ It’s just a little bit too much," Gronkowski said, perhaps referencing the 2000 hit by NSYNC.  

"Yes, you can show her. Maybe have her perform a song now since they’re hyping her up every single week. But we want more football! Yes, it's fine that you show her, but not every single play."

Gronkowski, a four-time First-Team All-Pro who claimed his fourth championship in 2021 when he reunited with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, suggested the league’s focus during broadcasts should be on the game and the players making it all happen. 

"That’s my point – show the players, show the players’ celebrations." 


Even Travis Kelce and his brother, fellow NFL player Jason Kelce, agree that it's a bit much:

Travis, 34, himself acknowledged the heightened attention during an episode of his and brother Jason's podcast, New Heights. During the podcast, 35-year-old Jason, a center for the Philadelphia Eagles, raised the question of whether the NFL was "overdoing it" with its Swift-themed promos and constant cutting to the celeb suite throughout the games.

Travis responded, "I think it’s fun when they show who was at the game. I think it brings a little bit more to the atmosphere, brings a little bit more to what you’re watching. But at the same time I think--"

Jason interjected, "They're overdoing it," with Travis concurring, "They’re overdoing it a little bit for sure, especially my situation. [But] I think they’re just trying to have fun with it."


"Fun" or not, it's clearly rubbing some fans - and players, former and current alike - the wrong way.

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