Terry Bradshaw Hits Aaron Rodgers for COVID Vaccine 'Lie' and I Have Thoughts

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You’d think with all that’s going on in America that the mainstream media – sports newsrooms included – would have more pressing matters to write about that didn’t involve concern trolling over Aaron Rodgers’ prior comments about the coronavirus vaccine now that he’s tested positive for COVID. And yet there they go, hyperventilating over the story and Why It All Matters and wanting you to as well.


At issue is what Rodgers said months ago when asked if he’d gotten the coronavirus vaccine. His response?

“Yeah, I’ve been immunized,” Rodgers said during a news conference with Packers media. “There’s guys on the team that haven’t been vaccinated. I think it’s a personal decision, I’m not gonna judge those guys.”

When various media outlets ran with the story at the time, they framed it as though Rodgers said he’d been fully vaccinated. In the interest of not wanting anyone taken out of context, here’s a flashback to the reporter’s question and Rodgers’ response to it. In it, Rodgers clearly says “yeah” to the specific question before stating he’d been “immunized”:

Now that we’re done Zaprudering the video, let’s get to Fox News NFL analyst/legendary former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw’s reaction Sunday to finding out in the last week that Rodgers was not, in fact, vaccinated:

““I’d give Aaron Rodgers some advice,” Bradshaw said during Sunday’s show, which was broadcast from the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. “It would have been nice if he’d just come to the Naval Academy and learned how to be honest. Learned not to lie. Because that’s what you did, Aaron. You lied to everyone.”


“We are a divided nation politically. We are a divided nation on the COVID-19, whether or not to take the vaccine. And unfortunately, we’ve got players that pretty much think only about themselves. And I’m extremely disappointed in the actions of Aaron Rodgers.”


Bradshaw also ripped a page out of the CNN/Don Lemon/Sanjay Gupta playbook on Rodgers noting he took ivermectin, grossly misleading viewers with the statement that “ivermectin is a cattle dewormer; sorry, folks, that’s what it is.”


Let me start out by saying that when you tell a falsehood, you’re setting yourself up for trouble because eventually, you’re going to get caught, especially if you’re a public figure and especially at a time in American history where the obsession to cancel people for WrongThink is at fever pitch. The best thing for Rodgers to do at the time would have been to take the approach some NBA stars are and simply say either “no, but after consulting with my physician and other experts on the issue, I’ve taken other measures to try and immunize myself against COVID” or “that’s a private matter between myself and my doctor.”

He would have taken flack for the comments at the time but at least he would have gotten them out of the way before the football season got started.

But though they say the reasons why a person didn’t tell the truth aren’t important, I think in this case it is. Let’s pause to consider the possibilities as to why Rodgers perhaps felt he needed to not be totally truthful in his answer.


My guess is that it’s because of exactly what he’s dealing with now: A judgmental, hypocritical press corps that is unrelenting and ruthless in demanding to know the vaccination statuses of every celebrity, politician, sports figure, you name it. If you’re vaccinated, you are a Good, Responsible Person to these people (unless you are a fully vaccinated but maskless Republican). If you’re not, you’re an attempted murderer who should be shunned from polite society until you get with the program.

It’s insanity. Since when was someone’s private vaccination status the public’s business? When this question is brought up on social media, the standard answer is “well, this person not being vaccinated could potentially impact my health.” Are these people not aware that even vaccinated people can not only catch the virus but can spread it, too?

Of course, this inconvenient bit of information is rarely ever mentioned by the same media/woke mobs who go after people like Joe Rogan and Rodgers. The point is to isolate and destroy, and to hell with the facts. And to hell with the mantra that a person’s medical decisions should be between them and their doctor alone, as we’ve been repeatedly told when it comes to women and abortion.

Should Aaron Rodgers have been upfront about his vaccination status back in August? There were two options he could have taken, which I noted above. But he answered the way he did, and the rest is history.


That said, instead of the Terry Bradshaws and uber-annoying “woke” sports columnists of this country blasting off on Rodgers for saying what he did back in August, maybe what they really should be asking is why the hell it should be Terry Bradshaw’s or anyone else’s business as to whether or not Aaron Rodgers (or anyone else, for that matter) got the vaccine in the first place.

His body, his choice. Right?

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