Ted Cruz Scores Big Hit Against Corporate Wokeness After Podcast Call Out on BLM Shames Coke Into Action

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As we've documented many times here, Coca-Cola has more than earned its "Woke Coke" nickname after a series of shameless actions designed to cater to organized woke mobs left people no choice but to come to that conclusion.


In addition to Coke's disgraceful participation in the media/left-wing-driven smear campaign against Georgia over its 2021 election reform law, Coke joined forces with the Black Lives Matter Global Network in June 2020 as the Antifa/BLM-led George Floyd protests/riots were in full swing, donating $500,000 to the cause according to an archived version of the original webpage.

"Earlier this month, Sprite announced a $500,000 contribution to the Black Lives Matter Global Network in a social post committing action in the fight for racial justice," it boasted at the time.

Fast forward over three years later, and Coke has suddenly changed its tune, with that line now being quietly deleted from its website

This happened not because Coke suddenly got a wake-up call about the Marxist/antisemitic tendencies of Black Lives Matter, but because Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) exposed them on a recent podcast where he discussed Black Lives Matter Chicago's despicable, openly expressed support for Hamas' murderous paragliders and Coke's past funding of BLM as part of their "racial justice initiatives."


Cruz went on to explain the timeline of events in a three-tweet thread:

"1/x @CocaCola didn't distance themselves from BLM because of BLM's heinous statement supporting Hamas's terrorism. 

They distanced themselves because they got caught. 

Here's the timeline: 

October 10: BLM Chicago sends its tweet supporting Hamas killing civilians."

In the thread, Cruz shared the video where he called out corporate wokesters including Coke for their previously expressed support for BLM:

In his last tweet on the topic, Cruz further elaborated on the discovery:

"3/x October 19 at 10:21AM: Coca-Cola edits its website in multiple places to cover up its donation to BLM. 

Rather than cover up its support of BLM, Coca-Cola should have come out strong and condemned BLM's heinous support for violence.  


On Wednesday, my RedState colleague Brandon Morse wrote a post on the VIP side on wokeness in corporate America that turned out to be prescient at least in terms of Coke's actions this week:


Either way, it would appear that there's a turning point occurring in corporate culture. While it's still infesting the heart of corporate America, we are perhaps seeing a slow departure that could inevitably lead to a more apolitical era. 

The key is for customers to keep doing what they're doing and reject it both with their wallets and their mouths. The fight against the leftist political intrusion into everyday life isn't going to stop. That kind of radicalism never rests; it just regroups and thinks up a different strategy. 

As it turns out, having a United States Senator doing a little naming and shaming goes a long way toward making a change for the better as well.

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