IDF Soldier Schools Reporter Who Asks Him if the ‘Price of Military Action’ Against Hamas Is ‘Too Great’

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Though it was Hamas who earlier this month launched surprise terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians, far-left Democrats here in the U.S. continue to call for a ceasefire, claiming the Israeli response has been disproportionate and alleging that it has caused a humanitarian crisis among the Palestinian people.


As we previously reported, radical Democrat Socialist Squad members led by Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush introduced a resolution Monday that called for an "immediate ceasefire" and conveniently left out the fact that it was Hamas who started this war, only referencing that the war had allegedly "claimed the lives of over 2,700 Palestinians and over 1,400 Israelis, including Americans" to date.

Though it's an issue that has caused deep divisions within the Democratic Party, the Israeli Defense Forces have on the other hand understandably not been conflicted one bit over how to respond, as was explained by an IDF soldier during a recent interview with ABC News.

Watch below as the reporter talks about how there are "voices across this region and elsewhere" who say the "price" of Israel's response has been "too great" with the loss of life among Palestinian civilians.

The soldier's response?  "We're in a full war here. And the responsibility isn't on us [to pull back]. You should take that question straight back to Hamas. We are here because we have no other choice."



Relatedly, my RedState colleague Brandon Morse wrote about the "proportionality" question in a VIP post earlier that is very relevant to the current discussion, and which I think needs to be re-emphasized here:

The goal of war isn't an eye for an eye, it's to make sure that the group that took your eye never has the resources, manpower, or wherewithal to try to take yours, or anyone else's eye again. It is the show of such overwhelming and deadly force that your enemy is crippled to the point of never getting back up again or, if possible, the complete destruction of them.

There's an old saying about how war is hell, and that's especially true in places where terroristic despots have their military trained to use civilians as human shields, including having them hide in hospitals, daycare centers, apartment buildings, and the like so that when and if their opposition strikes back, they'll be accused of war atrocities against innocent people.

Any innocent life lost in war is a tragedy, something Israel is aware of considering the warnings they often issue in advance for Gaza civilians to evacuate certain areas ahead of possible airstrike and ground campaigns against Hamas, like this one: 


On the other hand, if the Hamas government actually cared about the loss of innocent life then perhaps they wouldn't have green-lit their military to take hostages, murder, rape, and parade naked women in the streets, and behead infants

But the torture of the Israeli people was the point despite what Hamas knew would be an overwhelming response of force, because this isn't just about Israel for Hamas; it's about the eradication of Jews worldwide, starting in their homeland which of course leaves the IDF no choice but to respond accordingly.

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