‘Blink Twice’: Fans Quip About ‘Hostage Situation’ After Suspended Orioles Announcer Posts Odd Statement

Baltimore Orioles play-by-play announcer Kevin Brown. Credit: Mid-Atlantic Sports Network.

As RedState sports guru Jerry Wilson previously reported, the Baltimore Orioles’ front office – more specifically, the team’s owner, Peter Angelos, recently landed himself in hot water over the apparent TV suspension of the team’s play by play announcer, Kevin Brown, in the aftermath of their July 23rd game against the Tampa Bay Rays.


Brown’s crime? Broadcasting truthful stats about the Orioles’ dismal overall record against the Rays:

Brown pointed out during the on-air broadcast on MASN that the Orioles had won more games at Tampa Bay’s Tropicana Field in 2023 than the last three years combined. The comment was backed up in the July 23 game notes, which are put together by the team’s public relations staff. “The Orioles have won three of the first five games at The Trop this season after winning three of the 21 games played in St. Petersburg from 2020-22,” the game notes said.

For those who missed the clip that started it all, watch:

Though there was near-universal agreement that the suspension just made no sense – with some fans even chanting “free Kevin” during games, Angelos refused to comment on the matter. And senior Orioles officials would only say that they disagreed with the characterization of what happened to Brown as a suspension.

Fast forward to Friday, and Brown is set to return to action in calling the Orioles road game against the Seattle Mariners, which is scheduled to start at 10:10 Eastern time.


In an effort to clear the air, Brown took to the Twitter machine Friday afternoon and posted a thread where he suggested that what happened had been “mischaracterized” by the sports community:

O’s fans – I’m a storyteller. And never want to be a part of the story. The most compelling story in baseball right now is the story of the league-leading Baltimore Orioles – the best, most exciting young team in the American League.

Unfortunately, recent media reports have mischaracterized my relationship with my adopted hometown Orioles. The fact is that I have a wonderful relationship with the organization, and our ownership and front office has fully supported me since 2019 when I first came aboard.

I ask that everyone disregard the distracting noise of the past few days. I have worked closely with O’s SVP Greg Bader for the past four years, and John Angelos and I have a solid dialogue based on mutual respect. We are all good here in Birdland!

I am proud to be an Oriole and call Baltimore home, and there is no place in baseball I’d rather be now and for the long haul. Go O’s!

In response, some baseball fans quipped that it sounded like a statement made by a hostage.

“@FBI we have a hostage situation,” joked one.

Another urged Brown to “blink twice” to show if he’d been kidnapped.

“Blink three times if Orioles PR wrote this thread,” quipped another.


I mean, you’ve gotta feel bad for the guy. If he comes out and says, yeah, I was suspended for a stupid reason – even if said diplomatically, he’ll tick off Angelos even more. But in trying to say, come on y’all, let’s move along, nothing to see here, as he did in his Twitter thread, Brown irritates his loyal fans and team supporters by basically insulting their intelligence.

He’s in a no-win situation, and one he was reportedly put in by an owner who has some serious ego and sensitivity issues. That said, as the old saying goes, this, too, shall pass, but Orioles fans have long memories, and rest assured they won’t let Angelos forget this any time soon.

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