WATCH: Troy Nehls Livens up Durham Hearing With Timely Ding on Eric Swalwell and ‘Yum Yum'

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As I’ve noted before, not only is Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) a failed presidential candidate, but in my opinion, he’s also a lousy Congressman, a dupe for a Chinese spy, and is someone who routinely engages in slimeball-like behavior – and that’s just for starters.


That opinion, it would appear, is also shared by Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas), who during the lively House Judiciary Committee “Hearing on the Report of Special Counsel John Durham” took a moment to ding Swalwell over his alleged sexual relationship with Chinese honey trap Fang Fang, which as you might imagine caused a few hurt feelings on the Democrat side.

Before we get to that, let’s first check out Swalwell at the hearing laughably pretending he has the moral high ground when it comes to questioning Durham, who more than held his own under questioning, over the alleged sharing of sensitive information with spies:

Sometime later, Nehls used his time to draw comparisons between the bogus so-called “Trump pee tape” and the allegations against Swalwell, noting that even with Swalwell’s alleged dalliance with “Yum Yum” (Fang Fang), that the “pee tape” claim was a “new low” for the U.S. intelligence community and amounted to election interference in and of itself, which he also pointed out that Democrats would not like if the roles had been reversed.

Naturally, this did not go over well with Democrat members of the committee, one of who (Rep. Glenn Ivey from Maryland) demanded of committee Chairman Jim Jordan that Nehls’ remarks be stricken from the record “out of respect for Mr. Swalwell.”



This isn’t the first time Nehls has gone after Swalwell over the issue of Fang Fang.

Back in April during a House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration Integrity, Security, and Enforcement hearing on the “Exploitation of Unaccompanied Alien Children,” Nehls caused fireworks after taking issue with Swalwell’s badgering of a witness, Alliance for a Safe Texas founder and president Sheena Rodriguez, and invoking the Capitol riot in the process, with Nehls apologizing to her for being subjected to what she was from a guy like Swalwell who Nehls’ said had a “checkered past” and who has “had alleged affairs with ‘Yum Yum.’”

As Nehls was saying this, pandemonium erupted with Democrats including Swalwell objecting, with Swalwell at one point saying to Nehls “You don’t get to say that sh*t!”

For those who missed that moment, watch:


To reiterate a point I’ve made before, I’ve seen some conservatives talk about how this is not how hearings should devolve, that the rules of decorum should be observed, etc. And under normal circumstances, I’d agree with them. But we aren’t in normal times, and Swalwell is not just a run-of-the-mill Congressman.

I’m totally fine with Republicans playing hardball when it comes to people like Swalwell. How he treats people who disagree with him is beyond offensive and dangerous, and what he advocates for has the potential to profoundly change America into the type of country she should never be.

In my view, his Republican counterparts in the House should not hesitate to rip Swalwell to shreds in the court of public opinion when he’s practically begging for it, as happened in April and again Wednesday.

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