'TJ Maxx' Trends on Twitter After What One Customer Did to Stop a Brazen Shoplifter

We’ve all seen the infuriating videos of thieves – sometimes mobs of them – strolling into retail stores, and loading their bags up with items they plan to steal. They then brazenly walk out of those same stores while in some instances employees and security guards stand by and watch because they’ve either been told by the higher-ups to not get involved or because they feel like it’s not worth it because the perps likely won’t face consequences.


Blue states like California are hotbeds for this type of activity thanks to woke, “reform-minded” District Attorneys who think prosecuting such crimes is a waste of time and resources.

With all of that in mind, we turn to a TJ Maxx location in Mira Loma, which was hit Sunday by women who video shows attempted to run out of the store with bags full of items that allegedly had not been paid for.

Though it appears one of the women made it out of the store with her stolen goods in hand, another one was not so lucky.

Video taken from the incident shows a customer stepping in as the second woman attempted to leave, confronting her. A scuffle ensued to the point the alleged shoplifter tried to turn herself into the victim. The bags were taken out of her hands by another customer as she continued to try and break free from the original customer. After yelling “let me go,” she at one point was able to grab the bags and tried leaving again before the bags were ripped away from her as she walked out of the store.

You can hear some people in the background saying “Take her down” and “Have you no shame?” to the alleged shoplifter while others say “Let her go.”


As I write this, TJ Maxx is trending on Twitter as most social media users appear to be applauding the intervention by the customers.

Not surprisingly, a few tried to inject the race card into the discussion while leaving out the fact that regardless of the colors of the persons involved, two grown women were trying to take things that didn’t belong to them:


I get that these types of videos are satisfying on some levels, because people are absolutely sick and tired of seeing criminals get away with doing this stuff over and over again.

But because stores won’t take aggressive action because they’re afraid of either lawsuits or the perp getting let off the hook, we’re going to see more and more instances of random customers getting involved and my concern is this is at some point going to lead to a violent, deadly outcome.

Law-abiding citizens are – understandably – increasingly losing faith in the justice system and as a result are taking action when they see people breaking the law. While it’s good on one hand to not see someone get away with theft or other similar types of crimes, what’s not going to be good is when someone gets seriously hurt or killed as a result.

The solution to this is two-pronged: Retail chains need to step up to the plate and not only bring on more security guards but they also need to give them the okay to pursue the suspects instead of letting them walk free. The second thing that needs to happen is that woke DAs need to be thrown out, with law and order types put in their place so that these crimes get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with the offenders hopefully at some point learning their lesson.


As much as we all like seeing citizens try to right a wrong, security guards, police, prosecutors, and prisons all exist for a reason. Unfortunately, though, for all too many, that system has broken down to the point where people feel like they need to take the law into their own hands.

In this particular instance, at least one of the women had to walk away without the goods she tried to steal. The next time, though, the story ending could be much different.

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