Hilarious Gnashing of Teeth Begins After ACLU Shocks With Sane Statement on Trump’s FB Reinstatement

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As we previously reported, after extensive review Meta announced Wednesday that they would be reinstating the Facebook and Instagram accounts of former President Donald Trump, which they revoked access to the day after the Capitol riot in the midst of Democrats blaming Trump’s words during a nearby “Stop the Steal” rally for the actions of the supporters who breached the Capitol building on January 6, 2021.


The decision came after months of behind the scenes lobbying from the likes of then-House Intel Committee Chair Adam Schiff and other Democrats, who wrote letters to Meta strongly urging them to keep Trump’s suspension in place indefinitely on grounds he was a danger to democracy or something.

In a surprising twist in this story, however, the ACLU – which in most instances has become little more than an obedient mouthpiece for woke far-left, anti-free speech Democrats over the last few decades – posted a tweet in support of Trump’s reinstatement to both platforms on grounds that the former POTUS “is one of the country’s leading political figures and the public has a strong interest in hearing his speech”:

It was about as sane a statement as one can expect from the ACLU these days, but while they got it right for a change, their rabid supporters did not see it that way.


For instance, Salon contributor and podcaster Bob Cesca was incensed.

“He had a chance to play with normal kids and decided to abuse that chance, leading to the destabilization of democracy and a coup,” Cesca proclaimed of Trump. “He’s a danger to society. And if Trumpism eventually reaches its full potential, the mass arrests of dissidents will include members of the ACLU.”

Clinical sexologist (!) Stefanie Iris Weiss chirped on and on about alleged “fascist rhetoric” in an unintentionally ironic tweet.

“Privately held media companies are not obligated to print or air violent fascist rhetoric. This is *not* constitutionally protected free speech. He can go outside and rant on the street freely, but Meta nor Twitter cannot be compelled to broadcast it,” she wrote.

She later added that “You’ve entirely lost the thread, you will never receive another donation from me.”

Another blue check leftist was similarly taken aback.

“I love the fact that you guys can’t distinguish between hate speech and free speech which are in fact antithetical to one another, the point of hate being to remove freedoms. It’s really something to behold,” Umair Haque, who independent journalist Glenn Greenwald called “one of the most hateful people on this forum,” angrily huffed.


In other words, the state of how things are with the modern left is not good, like at all. Not that that is exactly shocking news to most of us, but it’s worth documenting just for the record all the same.

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