The Undeniable Truth About Leftist Threats to Leave Twitter

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From a rhetorical perspective, probably the only thing the woke left/media loves doing more than trotting out the race card when they have no other defense is to virtue signal about what loving and tolerant people they are.


While their claim certainly sounds good on paper and on social media platforms, the reality of the matter is that in most instances it’s all for show, all sound and fury signifying nothing.

Relatedly, the evidence is piling up that despite the numerous threats the Usual Suspects made to leave Twitter pre-and post-Elon Musk Twitter takeover, most are sticking around.

We learned this in part via the below analysis

… and also by way of an NBC News report which detailed “Why liberal Washington can’t quit Twitter.” It quoted numerous Democrats and other prominent left-wing figures/icons who said in so many words that they just can’t bring themselves to totally disconnect from Twitter even though they really, really want to:

“I’m just coming up with coping mechanisms for how I can still use this thing,” said Alex Vindman, the former Army lieutenant colonel and National Security Council official who was at the center of former President Donald Trump’s first impeachment.


But Vindman says he and his wife are likely not leaving anytime soon.

“If there’s an alternative, I’m happy to go there,” he said. “It’s just that there aren’t any real alternatives.”


The Bulwark’s Molly Jong-Fast is another:

“Until there is a viable alternative, I will be at Twitter and you will have to pry my fingers from my phone,” said Molly Jong-Fast, a writer who rose to anti-Trump “Resistance” fame and amassed more than 1 million followers.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) was also quoted as saying though he felt Musk “is an entitled jerk,” that he’s “in dialogue with my [Senate] staff” on quitting it. In other words, he’s sticking around.

AOC, of course, ain’t goin’ nowhere, either:

“There is a line where it becomes too toxic,” said Ocasio-Cortez, who is a frequent target of online harassment and sometimes receives death threats. She’ll quit Twitter, she said, when it “becomes so difficult to use that I’m not able to use it as a form of effective communication.”

Unlike conservatives who flocked to alternatives like Parler as Twitter under the old regime made it policy to stifle conservative dissent – and sometimes at the behest of the FBI, DHS, and Democratic lawmakers, the left-wingers who have threatened to leave have said in so many words that they are seeking greener pastures because they don’t want to enable a powerful, in their eyes, “bully.”

The truth of the matter, though, is that they had no problems enabling – and cheerleading – powerful bullies when the ones in charge of Twitter were more ideologically aligned with woke leftist GroupThink. As soon as that stopped, the wailing and gnashing of teeth started, because apparently, it’s horrifying for them to be exposed to opposing viewpoints that they know they can’t persuade the Powers That Be to censor at the touch of a button.


It’d be a tiny bit understandable if the Dems who say they want to leave Twitter were doing so on grounds they felt their content was routinely being deliberately suppressed by Twitter higher-ups, as frequently happened to conservatives and other independent-minded thinkers prior to Musk taking the reins.

But that’s not what’s happening here.

They’re upset that the playing field on Twitter is slowly but surely being leveled under the new management after years of wokesters making all the rules (and sometimes as they went along). As North Carolina Republican strategist/attorney Brent Woodcox explained, it’s “too funny” considering how the usual standard is for conservatives to have to exist in spaces dominated by liberals.

“It’s so funny to see people on the left so freaked out to be on Twitter because it is owned by someone who is vaguely attached to the right,” Woodcox tweeted. “Folks on the right constantly have to exist in spaces owned and occupied by the left. It is our normal everyday existence. Inescapable.”

And quite illuminatingly, Democrat reactions to Twitter being turned into a more welcome and inclusive place for all types of differing viewpoints further proves that point made often by conservatives that the so-called “tolerant” left isn’t tolerant at all.


Quelle surprise, right? But they’re gonna “tough it out” anyway, I guess, because The Cause™ and stuff.

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