MSNBC Anchor Gets Mugged by Reality During Segment on J6 Committee Antics

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The much-heralded (by the MSM) January 6 Committee has been wildly partisan from the start – by design. But even though that’s been more than obvious to conservatives from the word “go,” the Usual Suspects in the mainstream media have predictably (and likely deliberately) been a little slow on the uptake in this regard, quite likely due to the fact that they are rabidly partisan themselves.


But every once in a blue moon, some of them get mugged by reality, which is exactly what happened Wednesday during MSNBC’s “11th Hour” program, where the topic of discussion was reports that the committee, according to Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), was “close to putting pens down” in order to soon share the final results of what they purportedly found during their “investigation.”

Host Stephanie Ruhle was speaking to Washington Post “reporter” Carol Leonnig about the fact that Thompson has said he wants to release the final report to both the public and Biden’s Dept. of Justice at the same time, rather than send it to the DOJ first for review. Ruhle couldn’t make sense of it, though Leonnig did her level best to not only explain their rationale but also to justify it:

Leonnig: Well, you know, the committee has a completely different MO, Steph than the Department of Justice. The MO of the committee’s look, we did the digging, we did the hard work, we were first out of the gate to find and interview these witnesses and gather this evidence, and we are sharing it with the American people. And you know, frankly, after covering these kinds of investigations for years, it’s the Department of Justice that is typically out in front, way out in front, in front of reporters, in front of Congress. But this time the January 6 committee was almost operating as if it were a subdivision of the Department of Justice.

It was really gathering new facts, fresh facts. And frankly, bad facts for Donald Trump on the criminal case of obstructing a government proceeding.


So, in Bennie Thompson’s view, and in the view of many lawmakers, they are going to issue their report, they’re going to share all their facts before they give over all the transcripts. To be fair, the Department of Justice has a really good claim on this material, and frankly they’re doing the proper thing which is to ask for everything. They don’t want to cherry pick.

Ruhle: I guess I’m still scratching my head. Based on what you’re telling me, that sounds like the committee is being super political. If the whole basis of their work in the committee is to get this information and make sure the country is stronger and safer, wouldn’t they take all the work and hand it over to the Justice Department immediately? It sounds like what you’re telling me is no, they want the world to see what they did and take a victory lap. That sounds political.

Leonnig: Isn’t everything in Congress ultimately political? Why would we have hearings in primetime? Why would we withhold information until we can show you at the 8:00 news? That is what happened in this congressional investigation. I don’t say that as a criticism.


Sure you don’t, Carol. Sure you don’t.


Ruhle is one of the most liberally biased hosts at MSNBC (in the top five, I would say), so her coming to the realization that the committee was about politics more so than getting to “the truth” is one of those “better late than never” things, I guess.

On CNN Thursday morning, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) promised that all “evidence” would come out in December, likely because they know once Republicans take control in January, that the committee will be disbanded in short order:

As our “fearless leader” in the White House would say, gird your loins

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