Watch: Another Tim Ryan Attack on J.D. Vance Swirls Down the Toilet Boil

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) speaks at the 2022 North America's Building Trades Unions Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., April 6, 2022 (Credit: NABTU)

Ohio Democratic Senate nominee Tim Ryan has become infamous for his phony “I’ll work with both sides of the aisle to get things done” schtick while simultaneously accusing his Republican opponent J.D. Vance of supposedly being a puppet of former President Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and even Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.


The below clip, from an interview Ryan did with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle last Monday, is demonstrative of this line of attack from Ryan on Vance:

As has been the case with numerous other jabs Ryan has taken at Vance, there are a few problems with this one, the first one being that Ryan’s “man of the people/I’ll listen to both sides” act was debunked by … Ryan himself, as evidenced by an April 6, 2022 clip of Ryan from a trade unions conference that recently resurfaced in the aftermath of Ryan’s latest round of “I’m tougher than he is” theatrics.

“Sen. Schumer is here and I want to make sure he’s my future boss, so I’ve got to suck up a little bit here,” Ryan said while laughing and looking at Schumer during his speech at the 2022 North America’s Building Trades Unions Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C. back in April.



I mean, that’s pretty much the definition of “a** kissing” as most of us understand the term to mean, which effectively neutralizes yet another duplicitous ding Ryan has tried on Vance.

Another problem here is that if Ryan is elected, Chuck Schumer will not in fact be his boss. The people of Ohio will be his boss. The fact that Ryan seems to believe otherwise is problematic and Ohio voters who are not interested in a radical New York Democrat being “the boss” of one of their Senators should definitely take notice.

As I’ve said before, Ryan is fast becoming known as the king of lobbing dumb attacks at your political opponent and hoping they will stick. But with Vance continuing to edge him out in most polls, perhaps it’s time for Ryan to start talking about actual issues that matter to Ohioans, not repeatedly suggesting Vance is not a true Ohioan or out of touch with Ohio voters.


Because as we’ve noted before, not only do those attacks not wash but Ryan is also known in Ohio as being a stooge of President Joe Biden, whose approval ratings in Ohio and nationwide continue to dwell in the basement with just weeks to go before election day – which might be why Ryan has done his best to avoid him since he’s become the nominee.

Hey, if I was a Democrat I wouldn’t want Biden campaigning for me, either. But running from Joe Biden doesn’t mean you can hide from him, something Vance has been sure to point out loudly and often while on the campaign trail.

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