Democratic Senator Accidentally Stumbles Upon the Side Benefits of State Pro-Life, Gun Legislation

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In the aftermath of the ruling in June from the Supreme Court that overturned Roe v. Wade, unhinged Democrats have thrown everything but the kitchen sink out there in hopes that they’ll be able to fool just enough people into believing that it’s the GOP and not ghoulish leftists who are the real extremists in the abortion debate – even though we know that’s not even close to true.


The latest example comes courtesy of Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), an abortion proponent who took to the Senate floor earlier Thursday to express his dismay over what he says he’s hearing from our intellectual betters at higher ed institutions about how “extremist” pro-life and pro-Second Amendment laws are allegedly causing college students to reconsider enrolling in Ohio schools:

That’s the only quote I’ve been able to find on Brown’s Senate remarks regarding what he’s supposedly being told, but presumably his comments were based in part on a report from the Columbus Dispatch that went live just a few days after the SCOTUS ruling in which the news outlet quoted students currently in the Buckeye State who said they were contemplating leaving it:

Maggie Kauffeld, 24, a student at Ohio State’s College of Pharmacy, said her experience working in medicine has shaped her perspective about abortion and health care. Although she said she loves Ohio, she said that after graduation “you got to go where you think you can be best taken care of.”

Alicia Nye, 20, of Lancaster, said she wasn’t a student but wanted to demonstrate Tuesday because she wasn’t sure what current rights would be taken away next by the U.S. Supreme Court. Asked if the recent decision has affected whether she would remain in Ohio, she said she had already been thinking about it.


“Like the way that things are going, or things you hear people are saying about taking away gay rights and stuff like that, like, I don’t want to be here anymore,” Nye said. “In Ohio. The country. I want to get out before it gets worse. It’s terrifying.”


My first thought when I read the tweet about what Brown said on the Senate floor was “… and the problem with this would be …?”

In my view, which is directly opposite from Brown’s, of course, if pro-aborts and anti-Second Amendment types don’t want to visit or live in my state because they think laws that protect unborn life and uphold Constitutional rights are too “extreme,” that is totally fine by me. I don’t mind diversity in viewpoints at all, it certainly makes for livelier conversations (as the old saying goes, the world would be really boring if we all thought alike).

But when it comes to making your voice heard at the ballot box, I’d rather it be pro-freedom, pro-life folks in the majority in my city and state, not people who believe abortion on demand and taking away someone’s right to use a firearm to defend themselves are the directions in which our country should be headed.

That said, on the other hand it strikes me as cowardly that when leftists don’t get what they want out of the courts or the electoral system, the first thought among some is to flee their state or country in “terror.” If you really love your state and country and have strong beliefs – whatever they may be – you stay and fight in the arena of ideas, you don’t cut and run.


As I’ve said before, It’s a free country, of course, and people are allowed to live where they want to and leave their state or the country itself if they don’t like what’s happening. But why not stay and make your case and try to win hearts and minds over to your side? The only reason I can come up with for these people is that they never loved their state and/or country that much to begin with.

And if that’s the case with these students, I say don’t let the door hit ya on the way out and oh, need help packing your bags? Because I have absolutely had it up to here with the sanctimonious blowhards on either side of the aisle who rush for the exits when they don’t get their way. Enough already. Either fight in the public debate arena for what you believe in or STFU about how people should “get out now” or whatever, and then quietly make your exit and move to your preferred safe space. It’s just that simple.

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