Kamala Harris 'Solves Inflation' in a Most Embarrassing Way as Midterm Panic Intensifies

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It’s no big secret that Vice President Kamala Harris, like her boss, is an unpopular, polarizing figure in American politics. But what many might be surprised to find out is that despite the push from wokesters in the media to get people to see her as a brilliant and effective leader, she’s also not that popular amongst the Democratic base, something else she has in common with President Biden.


As further evidence, Puck News reported Tuesday that a women’s forum featuring the VP and $15,000 photo-ops has been postponed due to poor ticket sales. And an upcoming DNC fundraising event in California where Harris is scheduled to speak is offering a severely discounted rate on photos with her to the tune of $5,000:

As Twitchy’s Greg Pollowitz observed, we’re getting to the stage in Harris’ vice presidency where those dollar bids you see on the Price is Right would be more apropos considering the writing on the wall for Democrats as far as the midterm elections are concerned:

Others were quick to quip in response to the story about how Harris may have inadvertently “solved inflation.” I mean, think about it: Put her face on a can of pinto beans or a cereal box and $10 says the price would get cut in half at the very least if not more. Demand would also drop.


When asked by the media about the drastic drop in price for a photo with Harris, the DNC caused some Kamala-like cackling by shrugging it off as no big deal.

“The DNC works with our hosts and fundraisers to set specific ticket prices for each event. As has always been the case, there are a variety of ticket levels for every event as is pretty standard for finance events,” DNC Deputy Communications Director Daniel Wessel proclaimed to the New York Post.

All spin aside, Harris’ growing unpopularity in her own party could not come at a worse time as even more uncomfortable questions are being raised even by some in the mainstream press about Biden’s age, health, and mental acuity and also at a time where some polls show that an overwhelming majority believe Joe Biden should not run in 2024.

If he decides not to – and according to that Puck report, he’s in no rush to make up his mind – who carries the 2024 banner in his absence? The obvious answer would be Harris, but considering the murmurings out there about how other popular Democrats including admitted socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders are admittedly not ruling out a potential run should Biden bow out, the 2024 presidential race on the Democrat side is already promising to be perhaps even more drama-filled and controversial than the last several.


And though Hillary Clinton has said she’s not interested in running again, she’s one you can never count out, and she could indeed reverse course if she spots a potential opening because we all know she’s never gotten over her 2016 loss to Donald Trump.

Whatever the case may be, now is the time to stock up on the popcorn and prepare for the coming Democrat three-ring circus, the participants of which are already warming up backstage.

Stay tuned!

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