HumpDay Cartoon: Biden Poll Numbers Are at Crush Depth Levels

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The man who got the most votes in American history…is the most unpopular president in the history of American polling.

Joey Hair Plugs approval has plunged to crush level depths. Depending on the poll Joe has a high of 38 percent or up to 43 percent approval. There’s likely 20 percent of sycophants and bootlickers who would approve, regardless of circumstances, so I wonder who are the remaining 20 percent + supporters?


Joe’s bummed because Trump, at the height of the Russian collusion lie(s), was more popular than Joe is today. Beset with collusion lies and a runaway mouth, Trump was still more popular than Joe is today. The difference is, Joe’s plunge is due to substantive failures of his own making. His approval rating sank to the murky depths because of garbage policies and being garbage at messaging.

Joe’s handlers (including his title-obsessed wife) are as much to blame as our head of cabbage in the Oval Office.

Own it, Joe. You’re the Titanic of Presidents.



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