Former NY Police Chief Absolutely Schools AOC Over 'Sexist' Comments Made After Uvalde Shootings

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After mass shootings, emotions are understandably running high. That goes doubly so when the victims are children whose lives were brutally taken away from them before they ever got the chance to make their way in the world, leaving behind distraught and angry parents and other loved ones for who the pain and heartache never, ever go away.


What makes these tragedies even more painful for the communities they directly impact are the inevitable conclusions “do something!” politicians (most of who are on the left) jump to and the vile assertions they make in the immediate aftermath before waiting for all the facts. Unfortunately the horrific mass shooting which took place Tuesday at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas that claimed the lives of 19 children and two teachers has been no exception to the rule.

As we previously reported, the accusations have been fast and flowing from the usual corners, with pro-Second Amendment Republicans like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz being subjected to “baby killer” slurs from Democratic politicos while others like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) have been quick to throw out allegations about how most mass shootings including Tuesday’s have “patriarchal” roots and usually involve men who like to subjugate women.

The problem is that in this particular case, we don’t yet know the now-deceased shooter’s motivations and mindset were because the investigation is still ongoing. But not having facts in hand has never stopped certain folks from “never letting a crisis go to waste,” and it’s that mindset that disgusted NY 25th Congressional District candidate and former Rochester, NY police chief La’ron Singletary, who ripped AOC during a recent appearance on Fox News, noting the type of commentary coming from her and other bombastic leftists was not what was needed at this time:


“I watched that video over and over again, and I don’t even think AOC knew what she was trying to say. I’ve worked 20 years in law enforcement and the investigation is not complete. And here she is making characterizations and accusations and tying them to a class in our society. It’s the rhetoric from politicians like AOC that continue to divide this country.

In fact, what she’s saying is quite sexist and discriminatory. And politicians have a platform, and they have to use that platform, and they have to be careful how they use it. Last I checked, the motive of this shooting is still under investigation, meaning that we don’t know why this murderer decided to go into a school and wreak havoc and kill kids.

Let’s call it what it is and deal with whatever it is when the investigation is complete. Instead of sitting down and having conversations to try to come up with viable solutions, what does she do? She takes to social media, improvises rhetoric that neither brings people together nor provides viable solutions.”

Singletary is striking the right tone here. The last thing that is needed after a national tragedy is inflammatory rhetoric based on nothing but biased, preconceived notions, especially when all the facts aren’t in and the families are still coming to terms with what happened. Same goes for those in the mainstream media jumping to conclusions as well.


We’re still learning the facts in this case, and what we know so far about the police response doesn’t paint a good picture at all. But a lot of questions still remain about the shooter, and the families of the victims deserve those answers more than anyone else does. What they don’t deserve is political grandstanding and opportunistic politicians looking to make a name for themselves off this heartbreaking senselessness.

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