GOP Congressman Lays out What Should Happen to Dems Who Sabotaged Georgia as ‘Jim Crow 2.0'

Two weeks ago, RedState reported that the biggest “casualty” of the 2021 Georgia election reform bill that caused Democrats to erupt into fits was the “voter suppression” they alleged over and over again would happen if the bill was signed into law.


Well, it was, and here we are some 14 months since all the “Jim Crow” smears about the state that came from the likes of President Joe Biden, 2022 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Sen. Raphael Warnock and others, and the claims have proven to be demonstrably false, seeing as early primary voting numbers are setting records in the state, with increases in the triple digits in comparison to other recent gubernatorial and presidential primaries:

In total, 857,401 Georgians cast their ballots ahead of election day. Nearly 93% of those ballots were cast in person. The remaining 7% were cast absentee.

The Secretary of State’s office says these numbers show a 168% increase in early voting turnout from the last gubernatorial primary in 2018 and 212% increase from the last presidential primary in 2020.

All of this has a lot of people revisiting what was said by Democrats and their media allies in the run-up to and in the immediate aftermath of the bill being signed into law, and if they regret it considering the consequences of their lies meant hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenue from the MLB All-Star Game that had it not been pulled from the state would have benefited small businesses hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, including those owned by the very minorities Biden, Abrams, and Warnock claimed they were trying to protect.

Media analyst Drew Holden compiled a lengthy Twitter thread full of receipts documenting what Democrats and the media were saying at the time about the Georgia bill. It caught the eye of Rep. Mike Johnson (R-La.), who laid out what he thought should happen to those involved in the deliberate sabotage campaign against the state of Georgia. I’ll have some additional suggestions below, but also wanted to include a couple of tweets from Holden’s thread as a refresher on what Abrams was saying and how the media adopted terms she was using as their own as though what she was saying was factual:


While Johnson’s suggestion was a good one, it will go largely ignored because the mainstream media – as also noted in Holden’s thread – were active participants in the smear campaigns as they often are when given the “signal” by Democrats.

But whether or not the MSM does an about-face and begins pressing Democrats like Abrams and Warnock on their past statements, there’s something Georgia voters can and should do in response: don’t vote for them.

Abrams has raked in millions off her various manufactured outrage controversies involving alleged voter suppression while the voters of her state suffered as she aligned herself with boycott efforts. Georgia voters should think long and hard about her role in what happened as well as Biden’s and Warnock’s – the latter of who admitted after the MLB pulled the All-Star Game that he didn’t even know what was in the final bill – before their next trip to the ballot box.


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