Reporter Rips Into Lori Lightfoot in Heated Exchange Over 'All the Harm' She’s Caused Chicago

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is undoubtedly one of the worst mayors in America, second perhaps only to … well, I can’t think of any mayor worse than her at the moment.


The “woke” Democrat has unquestionably made Chicago a worse place to live for the iconic’s city’s residents and has done such a poor job of managing the Windy City on so many fronts (education, violent crime, business, law enforcement, the coronavirus pandemic, etc.) that pretty much no one likes her – including members of her own party, who on any given week can be heard criticizing her for her lackluster leadership … or openly confronting her over it during city council meetings.

Chicago’s mayoral election will be held on February 28, 2023, and while Lightfoot has not formally declared she’s running for reelection, she’s been busy crafting optimistic narratives and laying the groundwork for it, citing alleged facts and figures she says back up her claims about the city being on the comeback both economically and from a safety and security standpoint.

But during a press conference Tuesday, Lightfoot got confronted with a reality check when a reporter demanded to know “How could you possibly even consider running for re-election as mayor of the city of Chicago after all the harm you’ve caused?” after pointing to recent incidents of violent crime in the city and how businesses were running away as evidence of her failed management of the city.


Here’s how the back and forth went down:

Reporter: “Every time you have a press conference you say crime is down, the economy is booming—”

Lightfoot: “Well that’s not, that’s not true but get your question, sir.”

Reporter: “Across the street we had a police officer on duty the victim of a hit and run. We have Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile is now referred to as the Mile of Fear. The Water Tower Place has thrown the keys back to the lender. They say they don’t want to be in Chicago anymore. Real Chicagoans are asking me how could you possibly even consider running for reelection as mayor of the city of Chicago after all the harm you’ve caused?”

Lightfoot: “Well, I disagree with you fundamentally and I don’t think I need to address and dignify your comments one second further. Next question.”



Wow. Just amazing.

Lightfoot can dodge questions like that all she wants to, but polls run on her chances for reelection are clear: The vast majority of Chicagoans don’t approve of the way she’s done her job and are open to new leadership for the city.

After all the damage she’s done to Chicago, who could blame them for not wanting to be subjected to four more years of her?

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