Things Get Ugly After DCCC-Approved Candidate Jay Chen Sets Fire to Left's 'Pro-Woman' Playbook

Jay Chen, Democrat candidate for California's 45th Congressional District, March 24, 2022. Screen grab credit: Zoom call.

Republican Rep. Michelle Steel currently represents California’s 48th Congressional district. But thanks to an “independent” (cough) redistricting commission in the state, Steel is running this time around to represent the 45th Congressional district, which includes parts of her old district but which is also considered more Democrat-friendly. In fact, Roll Call is calling the June “top-two” primary between Steel, Democrat candidate Jay Chen, and Republican Long Pham a “toss-up.”


Over the past few weeks, things have taken a particularly ugly turn between Steel and Chen, with Chen making the types of gutter attacks against Steel that would have Democrats yelling “war on women!” and calling for heads to roll and people to step down had the parties been reversed.

For instance, during an April 7th event at a Fountain Valley synagogue, Chen was caught on tape seeming to make fun of Steel’s accent, an odd attack considering both are of Asian descent (Steel was born in Seoul, South Korea and Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan).

“We … yeah, so she just had another town hall the other day. And, umm, it’s tough. Like, we’ve transcribed it,” Chen told the audience, according to the video.

“You kind of need an interpreter to figure out exactly what she’s saying. The more she speaks, the better for us.” The crowd could be heard laughing.


And back in March, Chen again accused Steel of being “incoherent” but also suggested she’s a mindless puppet of her husband Shawn Steel, an RNC Executive Committee member who used to chair the California Republican Party. Chen said on a Zoom call at the time that “All she does is rely on Republican talking points fed by her husband.”



Steel ripped Chen in response, calling his comments about “needing an interpreter” to understand what she says “racist” and saying he should know better:

Not surprisingly, the supposedly “pro-woman” party refused to condemn their candidate, and instead went after GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for his condemnation of the attacks on Steel. The “white supremacist” card was also thrown in for good measure because of course it was:

Mandy Mundy, a spokeswoman for the DCCC, declined to express regret over Chen’s comments in a statement delivered to National Review.

“This is just more gaslighting and deception from the man who has handed over the keys to his caucus to white supremacists and advocates of racist replacement theory. Michelle Steel needs to explain to Orange County families why she says she wants to lower health care costs yet voted against capping insulin at $35, and why she says she wants to create American jobs but voted against a job-creating bill that will help us out-compete China. Steel says one thing at home and does another in Washington, which is why Orange County voters can’t trust her,” said Mundy.


I should point out that Chen has received the endorsements of Planned Parenthood, NewDem Action Fund and the California Democratic Party, according to Fox L.A.

NRO also noted that back when Steel was considering running for Congress in 2020, she told them she almost didn’t because she worried how people would react to her pronounced accent.

You know, calling a candidate “incoherent’ is pretty standard fare and I have no issue with those types of attacks in and of themselves, but it’s pretty clear from the April 7th clip what Chen was doing, and it was about more than just saying Steel didn’t know what she was talking about.

In my opinion, however, the March attack on Steel was far more revealing about Chen – and the Democrat party in general – when he all but literally said Steel couldn’t think for herself and was merely getting marching orders from her husband.

Attacks like that from Republican men about Democrat women would never fly, and they shouldn’t fly when they come from Democrat men about Republican women, either. But as we’ve talked about here before, the standards Republicans are held to are far higher than the ones Democrats are, regardless of who the attacks are made against.

In fact, it’s an unwritten rule in the Democrat handbook that attacks like these are welcomed because, in the minds of Democrats (including and especially female Democrats), Republican women are traitors to their gender and don’t really count as real women anyway.


Just a periodic reminder to any fence-sitting woman reading this that Democrats really don’t care about you. They just care about manipulating you to the point that you’ll vote for them. Respond accordingly at the ballot box, please.

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