‘Feminists’ Sure Told on Themselves This Week

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I wrote yesterday about how the left’s bat-crap insane reactions to the stalking and filming of Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema in a women’s restroom at Arizona State University was yet another recent example of the left telling us who they really are.


Today I wanted to take an even deeper dive into the subject by pointing to the reactions of “feminists” regarding what happened to Sinema as being representative of what conservatives – especially conservative women – have long known about them and the duplicitous way they operate.

We all remember how several years ago Democrats launched a targeted “war on women” campaign where literally every criticism uttered by a Republican man about a female Democrat or every piece of legislation related to abortion offered up by Republicans in state legislatures was labeled a “war” on women. They’re still at it even to this day, although you rarely hear the term used. Even the mildest of disagreements Republican men have with Democratic women are grounds for bogus claims of “misogyny” and “sexism,” and even more so when they have tried to defeat them at their own games.

In any event, with all that in mind, you’d think feminists who have been so eager in the past to rush to defend one of their own from a perceived “misogynistic” attack would be doing the same with Sinema, right? I mean Sinema is going against the grain, being – in effect – a resister of sorts to enormous amounts of pressure, which we were previously informed was evidence of a Kween who should be respected and left alone to do her thing.

But no. That’s not what Sinema got from “feminists” this week after she had to deal with an attack that was legitimately frightening and not merely a war of words on Twitter. The below are but a small sampling of what “progressive” women, some of who openly proclaim to be feminists, said in reaction to the harassment of Sen. Sinema as she used the women’s restroom while a woman filmed her closed-door stall and a man stood nearby egging her on:


Article from Jezebel.com‘s Ashley Reese: “Absolutely Bully Kyrsten Sinema Outside Of Her Bathroom Stall.”
Self-described “feminist” Amy Siskind, who has over 519,000 followers, tweeted: “Protestors at Arizona State University follow Sinema into the bathroom and tell her they knocked on doors to get her elected, and she is not keeping her promises. The 2 charlatan Senators should be forced to face their constituents.”
Democrat Kirsten Powers, now a senior CNN political analyst, wondered: “Which is worse: your grandparents being deported or being followed into a bathroom (bc you refused to stop and listen) by ppl desperate for your help? This is not a trick question.”
Daily Beast breaking news intern and former VICE freelancer Amanda McDougall wrote about how “Sen. Kyrsten Sinema lock[ed] herself in bathroom to avoid young activists on ASU campus.”
NY Mag senior writer Sarah Jones took an all-too-familiar blame-the-victim approach:

Even if you think the bathroom should be off-limits, it’s harder to argue that protesters somehow erred by tracking her down on campus. Call it a learning experience for her. Choose public office, then block your own party’s transformative progressive policy, and people will eventually get mad at you.
There are options that don’t involve a bathroom stall, but, frankly, there aren’t many, and time is short. If you’re feeling outrage, reserve the largest share for Sinema.

Got it? In this instance, one of their own is not being the kind of “Kween” they need her to be, and as a result, she no longer gets to join them in playing their jolly reindeer games. In their eyes, Sinema is no longer deserving of the type of protection/defenses we normally see given to and for Democratic women because the type of differing opinions she displays in disagreeing with members of her own party are the “wrong” kind of opinions.


Conservative women have been subjected to this duplicity from so-called “feminists” for decades. Because conservative women generally reject the idea that women are perpetual victims of a supposedly patriarchal society and further because conservative women oppose abortion, we’re not defended by the other side, either – the same side, mind you, that on the surface insists that diverse female viewpoints should be respected and not shushed in the name of progress.

Not that conservative women need liberal women to stand up for them and/or to speak on their behalf. But a little consistency in their approaches would be nice for a change.

The ugly underside to the two-headed feminist beast is that they treat women who disagree with them as inauthentic women. They believe there must be something wrong with any woman who believes in protecting the unborn, who doesn’t look at every criticism and assume it was made because they’re a woman, and who don’t view men as the enemy.

I distinctly remember several years ago when Joni Ernst was running for Senate how feminist groups portrayed her as subservient to the patriarchy because she didn’t cotton to their agenda. It was one of the most disgusting campaign tactics I’ve ever seen, but it’s just who these people are and after a while, you become numb to it – but even so, you still can’t let it go by without calling them out.


In summary, feminists told on themselves this week by reaffirming what many of us already knew about them: Your voice only matters when you hold the “correct” opinions. But if you engage in “WrongThink,” in their view you get what you deserve.

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